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One Punch Man is a manga series created by ONE, first published on their personal blog in 2009. The series gained immense popularity and was eventually picked up for official publication by Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics in 2012. The plot revolves around the protagonist, Saitama, a hero who possesses immense strength, able to defeat any opponent with just one punch. Despite this, he becomes disillusioned with his own power and searches for challenges to overcome. The manga has gained widespread recognition, leading to its adaptation into an anime, as well as merchandise, spin-offs, and video games. The series is still ongoing, with new chapters being released on a weekly basis. In this article, we shall discuss One Punch Man Chapter 179.

Release Date and Where to read?

One Punch Man Chapter 179 is expected to be released on Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 12 AM JST. Although the exact release time is yet to be confirmed, the mangaka usually releases chapters on Thursdays at 12 AM JST. International readers can also access the same at this time. One may have to wait a few days or a week for the official English translations to be released on Viz Media’s official website. Readers can access One Punch Man Chapter 179 on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website and later on Viz Media’s official website, which is expected to be released around February 16, 2023.

What Happened in Chapter 178?

In Chapter 178 of One Punch Man, titled “Take it Outside!”, Air wakes up to find that some modifications have been done to his body. Meanwhile, Forte plans to seek revenge against Saitama, believing that he has Esper powers. However, his friends inform him that Saitama has been hit by a car.

Elsewhere, Saitama tries to stop Tatsumaki, who is using her Esper powers to put pressure on him. Frustrated, Saitama asks Fubuki to take the Blizzard Group members outside so that he can take care of Tatsumaki. This leads to Tatsumaki quizzing Saitama about his relationship with Fubuki, to which he responds that she is merely an acquaintance.

Expectations from Chapter 179

Saitama was faced with a conundrum in Chapter 178 of One Punch Man, titled “Take It Outside!”. He awoke to find Air had made some modifications to her body, while Forte planned his revenge against Saitama, believing him to have Esper powers.

However, Saitama’s friends informed Forte that he was hit by a car, leaving Saitama to attempt to stop Tatsumaki from using her Esper powers against him. Frustrated, Saitama asked Fubuki to take the Blizzard Group members outside, leading to Tatsumaki enquiring about her relationship with Fubuki, to which he only replied as her being an acquaintance. This upset Fubuki, as Tatsumaki increased her power, causing the room to start twisting. With no other option, Saitama had to grab Tatsumaki and take their fight outside. We know that nothing can beat Saitama, and Tatsumaki can’t match Saitama. This makes it even more interesting to watch the battle unfold. Tatsumaki will try to defeat Saitama with new moves. However, this was all in vain, as neither her attack nor any of the others hurt him. This fight will be the most interesting and devastating one we’ve seen in a while. This is one of those fights we’ve all wanted to see for a long time.

The battle between the strongest Esper and the strongest hero continues forever. Also, the pace of the manga is progressing nicely as we are getting more information from this arc.

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