One Piece Chapter 1047 Release Date, Raw Scans and Expected Plot

The Japanese manga One Piece is a popular manga series that spans two decades. The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1047 will continue to depict the battle of Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, and his allies as depicted in the Wano arc. Chapter 1047 will be released on April 25, 2022. One Piece is also one of the highest-grossing media series of all time. The series revolves around Monkey D.Luffy, a young man who, inspired by his childhood idol and powerful pirate “RedHeak” Shanks, embarks on a journey from the Blue East Sea in search of prestigious treasure and self-proclaimed king of pirates.

What happened in the last chapter?

In the final part of One Piece, Kaidou realizes that Luffy has woken up with his Devil Fruit and that he can do whatever he wants. When asked Luffy exactly who he is, Joy Boy said that he would become the Pirate King and defeat him.

Luffy’s new form with Lightning Mode was introduced in One Piece Chapter 1046. Meanwhile, the castle burns. Onigashima was burned by Kanjuro’s “Burning Hatred”. Everyone on Onigashima Island panicked. Fortunately, the flames were brought under control after Raizou used his ninjutsu scroll, released water from Zou, and asked Jinbe to carry the water around.

As Yamato rushes downstairs to Momonosuke, they find that the Kaidou is still breathing. Yamato wakes up and says the cloud of fire may disappear soon. Therefore, Momo needs to build it more powerfully.

What’s coming with One Piece Chapter 1047?

One Piece Chapter 1047 is another action-packed chapter that shows Luffy’s unexpected courage to prevent Luffy from colliding with the Flower Capital while Luffy continues to fight against the Kaidou.

One Piece Chapter 1047 does not seem to end the epic battle on the rooftop of the Skull Dome. Rather, you’ll get a more interesting twist in the next chapter before Luffy undermines the world’s strangest creatures. Readers can get a little more information about the mysterious legendary character Joyboy. A new chapter will not be released next Sunday as the popular manga by legendary artist Eiichiro Oda has been off for a week.

Also, in One Piece Chapter 1047, we were able to get the latest information about Zunisha, which may play an important role in saving Onigashima. Only Momonosuke can talk to the mysterious elephant Zunisha, so he may want to carry a floating island with Zunisha’s help. This is the only way to save the island. As Luffy masters Gear 5 and awaken the Devil Fruit, an interesting surprise attack will occur in future chapters.

When and Where you can watch the One Piece manga?

One Piece Chapter 1047 will be released on April 24, 2022, after a week of hiatus. Raw scans will be displayed a few days before they are released. Manga chapters can be read online for free from the Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Manga Plus apps, and websites. The new volume and pages of the manga are not yet announced officially.

Fans are excited about the new chapter but have to wait some more time to watch it.