On My Block Season 4 Release Date; Is It The Final Season?

The upcoming fourth season of the popular Netflix series “On My Block” has unveiled its first look. the four main characters Cesar, Monsé, Jamal, and Ruby, whom we met on previous episodes as new high school students are now about to embark on their journey to adulthood. The Broadcasters announced on Tuesday that Netflix will release On My Block Season 4 consisting of ten episodes, which will also be the last season of the series on October 4, Monday.

On My Block Season 3 Recap

last season ended with Monsé getting ready to go to boarding school, trying to escape the heavy state of freeride, while having no peace in mind thinking about the unknown destiny of her bright band of friends. We can see that the two-year-long gap has pushed them away from each other after Monsé’s departure, which has left the viewer’s mind filled with curiosity about the kind of events that took place during this time that separated them from each other. The coordinator of On My Block Season 4, Eddie Gonzalez has revealed that they did not see the end of the third season as the end of the story at all. he also added that they could describe it as an emotional nail-biter. It was expected that a large number of watchers will say it is not clear that how they all have reached this point. So everyone is looking forward to seeing what events have caused all of this to happen.

On My Block Season 4 Plot

at the start of On My Block Season 4, we meet up with our friends two years after Monsé left. time did not keep their relationship as distant as it used to be even though it divided the group. They need each other to survive as the secret unfolds. Showrunner presenter Lauren Lungerich explained that the end of the season gives them an opportunity to get these actors ready to take on other non-high-school-related matters. She pointed out that it gives them the feeling to build a new place and show new things about these characters, which actually arouses the curiosity to know more about them. She added that they did not do so as some security measures were canceled. They were comfortable with the end of the series knowing that they has a really good shot for the fourth season just because Netflix loved that cut. Now that’ll all depend on how many of us will come and watch.

On My Block Season 4 Gossips

” It’s probably one of the most realistic endings that I think we’ve had.” Capri told ET last march about the season three finale’s last scene.” People evolve and grow and sometimes they grow apart. The way that we were, two years ago is different [from how we are now].”

” I hope there is a reason to bring us together,” Garcia said about her hopes behind the season four.

On My Block Season 4 Cast

we can see the return of Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz along with Sierra Capri as Monsé Finnie, Jason Genao as Ruby Martinez, Brett Gray as Jamal Turner, Jessica Marie as Jasmine, and Julio Macias as Oscar. Producers and other staff, Lungerich (Awkward), Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft are all on board just like before.

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