Oli Juste Cause of Death: How the Dog Trainer and Meghan Markle’s Friend Passed Away

Oli Juste was a dog trainer, animal behaviorist, and a close friend of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. He died suddenly on January 15, 2022, at the age of 46. His cause of death has not been revealed publicly, but his fiance, Rob, said that he died with “significant distress” . His death has left many people, including Meghan, heartbroken and reflective.

Oli Juste’s Life and Career

Oli Juste was born in France and moved to London in 2004. He studied dog behavior and trained with pet counselor Sarah Whitehead and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers . He became a popular and respected dog trainer, who appeared on Channel 4’s Puppy School and hosted his own podcast, A Dog’s Best Friend, which featured special guests . He also worked with several celebrities, such as Beverley Knight, Fearne Cotton, and Meghan Markle .

Oli Juste had a passion for animals and their welfare. He was a supporter of Mayhew, an animal charity that rescues and rehomes dogs and cats, and provides veterinary care and community outreach programs . He introduced Meghan to Mayhew in 2019, when she became their royal patron 4. He also owned a Springer Spaniel/Parson Russell Terrier called Bernard, who was his loyal companion and assistant .

Meghan Markle’s Tribute to Oli Juste

Meghan Markle shared a touching tribute to Oli Juste on the website of Mayhew, where she announced that her three-year patronage to the charity came to a close earlier this year . She wrote that Oli Juste was a dear friend who helped care for her rescue dog, Guy, when she had just moved to the UK and he was recovering from a debilitating accident . She said that Oli Juste and his fiance loved Guy as though he was their own .

Meghan Markle also thanked Oli Juste for introducing her to Mayhew, and praised the charity for their work to keep animals safe and to support the community . She said that she fell in love with Mayhew, and that they still have her unwavering support . She revealed that in Oli Juste’s memory, they will be creating the Oli Juste wing at Mayhew, to shelter the animals who may have a harder time finding their forever homes . She said that much like Oli Juste, they will never be forgotten, and they will always be loved .

She also encouraged others to support Mayhew in whatever way they can, and to adopt a rescue animal if possible . She said that the emotional support of a rescue animal is unparalleled, and that it is not the person who saves the animal, but the animal who saves the person .

Fans and Friends Mourn Oli Juste’s Death

Many fans and friends of Oli Juste expressed their condolences and grief over his death on social media. Some said that they were shocked and saddened to hear the news, and that they admired his work and personality . Some said that they learned a lot from his podcast and his training tips, and that they enjoyed his humor and kindness 2. Some said that they were grateful for his help and guidance with their dogs, and that they will miss him dearly .

Oli Juste’s fiance, Rob, also shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, where he thanked everyone for their love and support . He said that Oli Juste was his soulmate, his best friend, and his everything . He said that he was proud of Oli Juste’s achievements and legacy, and that he will always love him . He also said that Bernard, their dog, was by Oli Juste’s side when he took his last breath, and that he will take good care of him .

Oli Juste was a remarkable man who touched the lives of many people and animals. He will be remembered for his passion, his generosity, and his friendship. Rest in peace, Oli Juste.

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