Nino Gaggi Cause of Death: How a Gambino Capo Died in Prison

Nino Gaggi was a notorious mobster who rose to the rank of caporegime in the Gambino crime family. He was a mentor to Roy DeMeo, the leader of the infamous DeMeo crew, and was involved in numerous murders, robberies, and racketeering activities. But how did he die? And what was his role in the Gambino family?

Early Life and Criminal Career

Nino Gaggi was born Antonino Frank Gaggi on August 7, 1925, in New York City. His father was a barber and his mother was a seamstress. He had a sister, Marie, and a brother, Roy. He dropped out of school in the eighth grade and started working as a barber and a flower delivery boy. He also developed a gambling habit and learned the business of loan sharking.

Gaggi had a cousin, Frank Scalise, who was a founding member of the Gambino crime family. Scalise helped Gaggi get a “no show” job at a truck dock, where he could earn legitimate income while pursuing his criminal activities. Gaggi soon became a supervisor and started stealing cars and forging vehicle registrations. He was arrested for the first time in 1954 for running an international auto theft ring. He was sentenced to five years in prison, but was released after two years.

After his release, Gaggi resumed his criminal career and became a made man in the Gambino family. He was assigned to the Canarsie crew, led by Carmine Fatico. He also befriended Roy DeMeo, a young and ambitious gangster who ran a car theft ring and a loan sharking operation. Gaggi became DeMeo’s mentor and partner, and introduced him to the Gambino hierarchy. Together, they formed the DeMeo crew, a ruthless and efficient killing machine that was responsible for hundreds of murders.

Rise and Fall in the Gambino Family

Gaggi rose to the rank of caporegime in the Gambino family in the late 1970s, after the death of his cousin Scalise. He was in charge of the Canarsie crew, which included the DeMeo crew. He also had a nephew, Dominick Montiglio, who worked as his driver and bodyguard. Montiglio later became a government witness and testified against Gaggi and other mobsters.

Gaggi was a loyal and trusted member of the Gambino family, and had a close relationship with the boss, Paul Castellano. He was also involved in various rackets, such as gambling, drugs, extortion, and labor unions. He was considered one of the most powerful and wealthy capos in the family.

However, Gaggi’s fortunes changed in the early 1980s, when he became a target of law enforcement and internal conflicts. He was indicted in 1984 for racketeering, murder, and conspiracy, along with DeMeo and other members of the DeMeo crew. He was also suspected of being involved in the murder of Castellano, who was killed by John Gotti and his faction in 1985. Gotti, who became the new boss of the Gambino family, distrusted Gaggi and wanted to eliminate him.

Death and Legacy

Gaggi was arrested in 1986 and held in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. He was awaiting his second trial, after the first one ended in a mistrial. On April 17, 1988, he died of a heart attack in his cell. He was 62 years old.

According to some sources, Gaggi had told a guard that he was suffering chest pain, but the guard did nothing to help him. His wife sued the prison for negligence and won a settlement. His death also sparked a controversy that resulted in better medical conditions in New York City prisons.

Nino Gaggi was one of the most influential and feared mobsters of his time. He was a key figure in the Gambino crime family and the DeMeo crew. He was also a ruthless killer who ordered and participated in numerous murders. His cause of death was a heart attack, but some believe that he was poisoned by his enemies. His life and death are a part of the history of the American Mafia.

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