Nicole Kidman misses big Oscar event because of Injury – What actually happned?

We are here to talk about the controversial news which is taking place as Nicole Kidman has found herself in another big challenging situation. Nicole Kidman has stood out to be a part of some of the biggest controversies at the period of time and mentioning the fact that the personality has been criticized heavily on the other hand for finding herself out in a number of situations and though which the audience has also found it to be odd.

A lot of criticism has been coming forward from the audience and the fans have also been posting comments on the personality that she has been involved into some of the inappropriate sights over the period of time and the attention is also given over at the situation.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman might be taking some time off socially and break could cost her some other projects

The fans are still talking about the recent controversy which took place as Nicole Kidman disrespected a known legend over the time and thus it was other things that the fans did not take it right and made comments on the situation whereas many stood in support for the personality. The other big controversy which took place over the time when Emmys were being held and though Nicole Kidman went on to kiss her co-star named Alexander Skarsgard in front of her husband Keith Urban, who is a famous personality.

The part went on to make huge headlines and other sources also mentioned that the personality made a gesture which was once again hugely criticized whereas it is confirmed that she has not yet learned the lesson even after being heavily criticized. The gestures of Nicole have gained huge attention over time and to mention that the personality has not given a lot of her words on it while she commented in an interview that it was some way for her to celebrate the way she did. The press conferences have also been held over the period of time and no comments have been passed forward from Nicole.

Nicole Kidman


There have been another big rumor surfacing throughout the internet that Nicole has been seriously injured while she was performing a stunt for the photoshoot and everything with it went wrong at the period of time. There are other reports stating at the time that Nicole is taking some time off from the social work as she has also been preferred bedrest at the time from the doctors.

It is yet to see what more does the doctor will recommend regarding the status of health of the personality and though the fans on the other hand are doing their best to cheer up the personality and thus there is a possibility on the part that Nicole might be moving ahead to miss the Oscars and this is something that doesn’t want to miss and even the event is scheduled to take place in some time while the fans believe that she will go through the recovery.

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