Notes for My Son: Emotional Sad Movie

In the year of 2015, Heather McManamy left the world for a 4 yr old daughter.

Notes For My Son

“Notes for My Son” is a great movie you will get on Netflix which has been released on 24th November.

The movie is in the Spanish language with the English subtitles.

There is a lady who is suffering from cancer; instead, her struggle for her family and son makes you emotional and bounds to have some tears.

This story is all about maria’s life, where it holds the silence after the storm. There are fears and sorrows and lots of notes which she wants to leave for her 3 years old son Tony because Maria is in the last stage of cancer and she lies in a hospital waiting for her death.

A diseased leaves so many memories behind for their loved ones and yes, lots of sorrows as well. Maria’s husband Fredicro too is in a similar condition. Where visitors, friends, doctor’s appointment and looking after maria while trying to do all this makes Fredicro’s face so tired and exhausted.

On the other hand, Maria was also got tired now she wanted her death soon because she has seen a lot of pain and tears in her closed and dear ones. She knows that no miracle would happen where she could save herself.

Maria will be seen by tweeting and got famous where she was invited for an interview. Her fans sent her gifts and food for her in the hospital and praying for some miracle would happen.

But the most important gift that she wanted was terminal sedation where she insisted doctors give her some medication where she could be died in sleeping rather than enduring such pain.

Ultimately after requesting doctors, she was given terminal sedation where now she could say bye to her family and all.

Eventually, the most important thing that happened was during her last time she wrote a note for her 3-year-old son where later, those notes were published and became famous and many people bought and read them.

In the last pages of her notes, she has written something wonderful for her son that “play and have fun, wall and rise again, walk in the garden, drink a hot cup of tea. do lots of work and get exhausted. do what you want, fall in love but do miss me at times.”

It was something quite emotional thing she had written down, and in the end, it will leave you tears in your eyes as well.

This is story one can read with teary eyes and take a lesson out of it. Something very near to the heart, no body want to end life like a person who knows and can count of calender.

The true story of Heather McManamy from McFarland, Wis., started sending letters to her relatives and especially to the 4-yr old daughter like another patient named – Maria.

Those letters were written with the intention of guiding Brianna – the daughter of Heather McManamy.