“TRIAL 4” Review: A Tale of Repercussions of the Blind Justice

TRIAL 4 Review

Netflix tops the trending list with yet another real-life docuseries, “Trial 4,” based on the story of Sean Ellis, who was trapped in prison for 22 years and for a crime he didn’t even commit. The series got a whooping 9.5/10 IMDB rating.

While watching an 8-hour-long series, one would say that it is just a conspiracy theory and is biased towards one side, but contrary to that, the director took the pain of listening to both sides before playing a blame game. 

And after collecting all the proofs and evidence, the series depicted what all is wrong in the system and how an innocent was framed because of this injustice.

The story began when the cop was murdered in his vehicle and shot multiple times, which depicted a planned murder. Eventually, an investigation started, followed by capturing Sean Ellis and his friend as convicts, based on the fact that they were around while the murder took place. 

He went through two mistrials and was finally found guilty in the third trial and was rewarded with lifetime imprisonment. This followed until after 22 years when some people came forward and pointed fingers at police officers who lied and falsely arrested Ellis. 

After the wrong investigations came into the highlight, Ellis went through the 4th trial, which finally proved him not guilty, and it was all because of lawyers like Rosemary Scapicchio. The latter stood up against the injustice done to many people.

This series shows all the loopholes in the system and how corrupt officers commit the crime and escape through the rat’s bill without getting harmed. And the fact that people still suffer racism and sexism is sad and alarming and shows how much the country is developed. 

Here also, the lawyers and people who helped them find clues came across the shocking news of how the Boston police officers robbed drug dealers and used their drugs to make the girls unconscious and take advantage of them. 

It’s heartbreaking to see that not just in America, but in every other country, the justice system is tainted in many ways, and there are many people still in prison for the crimes they never committed. Still, they are not lucky enough to find lawyers who would help them like Rosemary.

I was in awe of Rosemary Scapicchio, who was shown as the savior, and how she stood against the most powerful in the country to save an innocent man is commendable. If only we had more people like her and less like the corrupt police officials, would this world be a better place to live in?

The only downside of the series was that it dragged a little bit between the series, but in all the video and animations used to show exactly what had happened, the story’s framing was correctly done. 

The show is a must-watch, and though you can read the whole case on the internet, the way those clues unfolded and how the lawyer proved Ellis’ss innocence is something you can only get by watching the series.