Google is about to end it’s Free Unlimited Photos services

Naïve move by Google, ended it's services of unlimited photos service

Google took a significant decision, stopped offering unlimited free photo storage. Google launched its photo storage app in 2015, assuring unlimited photo upload. But now Google is saying it will be part of the standard 15 GB, popular apps like Drive and Gmail will share the storage.

If anyone wishes to use more than standard free available storage, they must pay for one of the companies plans. This change means storage will run out faster as it will be shared with multiple Google apps.

Photos uploaded in the app before June 2021 will not count towards the limit of the users.

Resentful users on social media criticized this move of Google, using free storage as a decoy to grab the market from other companies while losing money.

Don MacAskill, CEO of Flickr and SmugMug, twitted on Twitter: “From last five years, we knew this would happen eventually… Losing billions of dollars to ladle up market share, stifle the competition, then eventually charging money for it? Monopolistic behavior,”.

Further, he added, he is not surprised, What Google did since the US Department of Justice filed antitrust charges against Google.

In 2015 when they launched the Photos app services, they said, “When we say a lifetime of memories, we really mean it.” With Google Photos services, consumers can backup unlimited high-quality photos and videos for free.

On Wednesday, Goggle twitted photos services managed to store more than 4 trillion photos and 28 billion addition made every week. And they have made changes, so the product continues to meet your need in the long haul period for life. 

Fun Facts: Reports say that 4.3 million gigabytes of storage are added daily to support Gmail, Drive, and photos smoothly.

Unlimited photo storage is the major USP of Google’s smartphone Pixel phones. This phone allows users to store unlimited photos and videos at maximum resolution. Others or nonpixel users are only allowed to have a “High quality.” It s just a compressed lower resolution alternative.

Both users will get affected by this new rule, and both will get downgraded. Pixel users will continue to get the unlimited feature but with lower quality compressed size. Nonpixel users will have only a limited amount of space.

What do you think about this naïve move of Google? Do you agree with Don MacAskill? Is it fair, or Google is moving from its commitment. Is it fair or not? Share your thoughts by writing the comments down below.