What to expect in upcoming Apple Event.

Upcoming Apple event will be focused on Apple Mac lineups

Apple Event

Apple plans to make its computer chips for its mac book line up instead of Intel’s chipset. The company is about to hold an event, where it is expected to disclose more details about the move. We are looking forward to the event where the company will reveal more details on the first Mac that will run their homemade processor.

This move will lead to the most significant change in the mac book line up of the company, giving the tech giant more control over its laptops. Homemade hardware and software will make mac experience more consistent with the iPhone and iPads. Their application will run on the same architecture resulting in the apps more compatible with the Mac lineup.

Apple’s silicon chips are constructed on the A14 Bionic processor. These are used in the iPhone 12 lineup. It is anticipated that apple silicon will bring more power efficiency and further machine learning improvements in its MacBook lineup.

Apple’s upcoming event will take place at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020.

 What to expect in the event

Teach giant has not shared any details about what to expect at the event except that they are planning to announce a computer powered by apple silicon chips.

Mac lineups one of the most crucial sectors for Apple, and the lineup demand has gone up due to the cultural shift of work from home culture getting more popular at this pandemic. Apple recorded higher revenue from its mac line up due to this shift of work from home in the fiscal’s fourth-quarter earnings.

Reports say Apple is working on three mac books, running Apple silicon chips. The three mac books include – 13 inches Mac book pro and mac book air, and a 16-inch mac book pro. We might expect to see the smaller laptops in the upcoming event. 

Johny Srouji, Apple’s Vice President of hardware technologies, said Apple Silicon chips would give better performance to mac computers. He stated in June.

The company didn’t share the performance gain and new features. Apple demonstrated how processors could handle the performance and demanding tasks such as Final cut pro and Adobe Photoshop. In an upcoming event, Apple will provide more details on the improvements and performance of the chip.

The launch of apple silicon chips in the laptop line will create another milestone. Apple Mac book lineup is the only lineup that hasn’t run the apple’s in-house chips. Expect the mac line up every product (i.e., iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, and apple tv) are powered by apple’s silicon. It will give apple more freedom and flexibility to develop Mac-specific features and integrate the device software and hardware.

 Reports say Apple might be launching premium over-ear headphones and a location tracking accessory called Airtags. We might get to see these on Nov 10 as well.

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