#Getwellsoonyoongi trends on twitter

Yoongi got shoulder injury again.


#getwellsoonyoongi is trending on Twitter. Due to this trend, BTS fans are worried. You don’t need to worry, here we have covered you.

Suga AKA Yoongi went through a shoulder operation a few days before; the signer took rest to recover from the injury. Suga encountered the injury in the previous Boys band debut while riding a bike.

Yesterday on the 6th of November, Big Hit Entertainment made an official statement and confirmed that Yoongi went through surgery to repair his shoulder labral tear. Suga fans are pretty much aware that, He is not on good terms with his shoulders. He was suffering from shoulder issues for a long time. It was started in 2012 when he suffered an injury before his debut. And in the next year, 2013, he discovered with a dislocated shoulder. The shoulder pain continued until 2019 when he was diagnosed with a posterior labral tear of his left shoulder, which means his left shoulder joint is torn. Since then, he was continuously receiving treatment for his shoulder.

Fans noticed that Suga has been struggling with the shoulders. One of his fans notices the same and posted it on Twitter.

Yoongi gave one last song. He played his guitar on the live stream. Fans supported the singer as they have the gut feeling that they won’t be able to hear him again soon.

A few of you might be thinking about Yoongi and BTS and what it is, so here are a few details on the BTS.

BTS AKA Bangtan Boys is a Korean boy band formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under the Big Hit Entertainment banner. The sevener composed of Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, and V. They co-write and co-produces their outputs. BTS is originally a hip hop group. Their musical styles include multiple genres. Their lyrics mostly focused on mental health, personal and social commentary, the school-age youth’s troubles, individualism, and the journey of loving oneself.

BTS became the to earn four US number one albums after The Beatles. They achieved the milestone in less than two years.BTS became the first Korean group to reach the first position on the Billboard Global US 200 and Billboard hot 100. They achieved this position with their single ‘Dynamite’ and the remix of the ‘Savage love.’ BTS sold over 20 million albums on the Gaon Music Chart. BTS became the first Asian and non-English speaking act in Wembley stadium and broke the records for the single grossing engagement in the rose bowl stadium. They are also featured in the top 25 most influential people on the internet.

BTS contributes 4.65 billion to South Korea’s economy each year, which concludes to .3% of the country’s whole GDP. BTS is also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Beyond the Scene, Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

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