Riot declared in Portland, 11 Arrested

Riots declared during the vote counting

 Election results continue to roll in across the country. A riot emerged in downtown Portland on Wednesday night, the unified police commands announced a protest in the city and activated the Oregon National Guard.

The jurisdiction deployed the Oregon National Guard due to the increasing riots happening in Portland, especially Southwest and Harvey. Guards were dressed in military uniforms.

Police confirmed one of the persons has a Rifle with an attached full magazine of ammunition to it. police confirmed He had more magazines and explosives devices, spray-paint cans, and a knife. He was even wearing a tactical vest with ballistic plates. Police believe that he was the one who threw a Molotov cocktail at police officers. He was arrested later on along with the 11 persons.

Kevin Allen’s mouthpiece of the unified command clarified the rumored video spread on Twitter’s social media platform. He said that “The rumors of the unmarked vans used for arresting the people is not true”. Marked police vehicles were used to transport The people who were arrested yesterday night during the rally. Further, he added using unmarked vans to transport official personnel might be used by some law enforcement.

Officials said, In the interest of public safety, Kate brown has authorized the use of guard members to help local authorities.

Officials shared the photos of the seized rifles with a full magazine, grade fireworks, spray paint, and knife on their official Twitter handle-

Protesters started to gather at Revolution Hall in southeast Portland on Wednesday evening. The rally ‘defend democracy’ started moving from Morrison bridge to waterfront park. Group met with another group of protesters in the midway at Naito Parkway.   

 In the afternoon, the other rally started in Portland’s North Park Block. The group started to move towards the east by 5 p.m. to join ‘Defend Democracy’ at the waterfront.

The second group was breaking windows, destroying public property, and other ground business properties. The Multnomah County Sheriffs witnessed all the action. A KATU journalist also observed the same.

Desguised protesters attacked the Police with a glass bottle and a Molotov cocktail. Police seized several items, including fireworks, spray cans, etc. 

The protesters in Seattle said they are trying their best that the Black lives matter and other social justice remains in the spotlight. The presidential race between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden is getting a close call; votes counting is still going on.

Share your views by commenting down below and whom would you like to see as a president again. Donald Trump or the former vice president Joe Biden.