Trump VS Biden on China Coverage

Trump VS Biden on China Coverage

Election Day is up ahead, even though it is not certain who will win, but one thing is for sure that China will lose this time. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the candidates standing for the elections, have staked out claims to take a tough stand against China as China puts America’s economic system, safety, and values at high-level risk.

Americans have maintained an ongoing hostility towards the world’s communist standard-bearer. However, the political class has spent a lot on comforting China into increasing diplomatic, financial, and cultural ties. At the same time, public opinion against Beijing was null and void for 30 years straight, due to some of the unfavorable reasons. However, following the coronavirus pandemic this year, two-thirds of the people are now holding an unfavorable view of China.

Trump and China:

Back in 2016, Donald Trump made China the centerpiece of his campaign. Trump has rhetorically put his friendship with China’s President Xi Jinping above America’s pursuits — regardless of his verbal appreciation for the dictator, which was not answered. However, this time he has shifted America’s China coverage in a more aggressive and assertive way, in its entirety. 

Trump refused to take motion when China was confronted with the mass detention of the Muslim Uighurs, as it jeopardizes trade talks. Not only this but, Trump pledged to President Xi that he will remain silent and won’t lend America’s assistance to the town’s protest when people of China started protesting for Hong Kong’s freedom. However, Trump’s administration has led the world to punish China for its human rights atrocities. His administration has ruled out every penalty on China for its persecution of the Uighurs and Hong Kong citizens.

There are some of the good deeds too, which might be intentional as well. And these deeds of Trump are as follows:

  • Law enforcement has hunted out the infiltration in academia by China.
  • Spies were kicked away by the administration.
  • He has tackled China’s machine propaganda.
  • The Chinese consulate linked to espionage was closed down.

Not that long ago, Trump has decided to take on China’s exploitation of the U.S. economic system. Moreover, Trump’s efforts to carry manufacturing again and beat Chinese firms are obligatory responses to seek success. If Trump wins and becomes the President of the United States again, I don’t think God knows what the future holds. Only time can tell.

Joe Biden and China:

When it comes to China, Biden, too, has some severe baggage as he has supported America and China’s alliance for more than 45 years as a senator and vice president.

However, now Biden’s China coverage has been described as “looking a lot like Trump’s” as he is ready to proceed with American financial strain on China. Biden typically speaks of enhancing world coordination within the marketing campaign towards Beijing.

The Wall Road Journal writes, and I quote:

“Mr. Biden says he would work extra intently than Mr. Trump has to rally allies in a coordinated world marketing campaign to strain Beijing.”

In addition to that, the former vice-president has spoken strongly and openly about China’s human rights abuses. He purposely stated the oppression of the Uighurs as “Genocide.”

Biden seems to know what he is doing and what he wants, but we have to see what America wants. The only cheer that I can hear is “Make America Great Again,” and we also wish that.

Well, the candidates are quite promising, and elections are just around the corner. So come out and vote, but wear a mask and stay safe.