GONI: World’s Strongest Storm in 2020 landfall in the Philippines

GONI Worlds Strongest Storm

The world’s strongest storm of the year 2020, GONI slammed into the Philippines’ eastern part with violent winds. Typhoon GONI made landfall over the island province of Catanduanes in the early morning. The Philippines is located in the pacific ring of fire, where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common. All these conditions make it one of the most disaster-prone areas, making the Philippines one of the poor Southeast Asian Nations. The Philippines get an average of 20 typhoons/storms a year.

Typhoon GONI is the strongest Typhoon recorded in the world so far this year. It hits the coast of the Catanduances with fierce winds. The wind speed is calculated up to 225 kilometers per hour, and a gust of 280 kilometers per hour is equivalent to a category five hurricane. Typhoon slammed the whole region, and power knocked down in several towns. Millions of people evacuating from their homes to a safe place.

Reports Say – Jeff Masters, a meteorologist with Yale Climate Connections and co-founder of the Weather underground “Goni is the most robust cyclone in the history. Meranti and Haiyan were the most potent super typhoons recorded in 2016 and 2013, respectively, which hit the Philippines.

The storm moved to the west towards the densely populated areas, including Manila and rain-soaked areas still trying to recover from Typhoon. There are multiple reports of deaths; 22 deaths are reported, including a man who was reportedly severely injured by a fallen tree in the Albay region. Authorities said they are still verifying the details.

Al Francis Bichara, the Governor of Albay, said in front of the media in a meeting of the top disaster-response officials said that at least two people died in his territory. At the same time, mudflows from the Mayon volcano endangered some villagers. Other officials said they are still checking those reports.

The Philippine weather agency shared their concerns. Within the upcoming 12 hours, people will experience violent winds and heavy rainfall.

Residents have been warned of likely strong winds, landslides, Massive flooding. Storm surges up to 16 feet and powerful winds that can blow shacks.

Typhoon Haiyan (November 2003) ended up creating a colossal mess and responsible for 7300 deaths. It is forecasted that Typhoon may enter 70 kilometers in the south of Metropolitan Manila, where more than 13 million people reside. Manila’s main airport was shut down for 24 hours from Sunday to Monday, dozens of international & domestic airlines got canceled. The national police, military, and coast guard have been put on red alert.

The rice and corn plantation and the coconut might suffer massive losses due to the Typhoon. The Global disaster alert said almost 50 million people are at risk.

It is forecasted that another typhoon named Atsani might enter the Philippines.
According to Artemis, the Philippines’ first catastrophe bond will provide 150 million dollars as a cyclone disaster insurance protection sourced from the capital market.