New Google Maps Beta Can Now Tell You How Crowded A Specific Subway Coach Is In New York City – Will Expand To More Cities

Google maps have now enabled a new feature for its users in New York and Sydney, which will allow its users to check how busy the specific transit carriage is. On Wednesday Google in its product update informed its users that it’s releasing a new feature in Google map, allowing its users to check live crowd data on every transit car so that they can avoid the crowd in the contemporary pandemic scenario.

Users can check which transit car is the busiest to avoid crowds.
This feature is currently available only in New York and Sydney, Google informed in its product update.
It comes since Google is expanding its live crowd prediction feature in more than a hundred countries.

Major tech-giant echoed that more countries are expected in the coming time to gain excess to this feature which is powered by agencies such as Long Island Rail Road and Transport for New South Wales.

As per the functionality of crowd prediction in google maps the term ‘LIVE’ above the picture will indicate the area which is least crowded or busy meanwhile the picture which is blue and numbered will indicate the number of seats available.

Google feature comes under its umbrella program of expanding its live crowd prediction features in more than 10000 transit agencies in more than 100 countries.

This feature gives users real-time predictions on whether the line is ”busier than usual ” or “not too busy” along with getting real-time data on the availability of seats.

Google Maps’ other noticeable features are  Live view, better navigation, and more personalization to its users.

Live View

Google Maps will utilize its Live View highlight to help its users, who are investigating another area. Live View utilizes AR signs to assist its users with the genuine routes, however, Google is growing its utilization case further. Its users will actually want to get to Live View directly from the guide and see accommodating insights regarding close-by shops and eateries, how bustling they are, ongoing surveys, and photographs. The element will likewise give supportive new road indications for complex crossing points. Live View isn’t yet accessible in India.

Better Navigation

Google Maps is getting another component, which will utilize AI and route data to assist users with abstaining from having hard-slowing down minutes during the drive and show the most improved course. At the point when a user picks to get bearings in Maps, the help figures different course alternatives to the objective dependent on a few variables. Google will currently select to show the quickest courses, and distinguish which course is probably going to diminish your shots at experiencing a hard-slowing down second. It stays not yet clear if this will be executed in India and how exact the component will be here.

More personalization

Google Maps will currently tailor its user experience to singular users. For instance, the Google Maps administration can now more conspicuously show breakfast spots and coffeehouses in the first part of the day to help users who are venturing out at that point.


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