New details hint at Regé-Jean Page taking up the role of the next James Bond

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Regé-Jean Page has reacted to all of the James Bond rumors. During The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on January 9, the Bridgerton actor said he’s “quite delighted” to be one of those speculated to fill up Daniel Craig‘s legendary part. The star who has been a part of Netflix’s popular show Regency-era romance Bridgerton has recently gained a lot of attention on Twitter due to a post. On December 16, when the season started, the guy who portrays the Duke of Hastings on Bridgerton wrote, “Regency, royalty as well as Shaken and Stirred”.  His followers are greatly excited by the fact that there are slight chances of him becoming the next James Bond.

Bond’s famed beverage demand was a martini, “shaken not stirred,” as readers may remember. As we all know that Daniel Craig is all set to bid farewell to his iconic role via his upcoming film No time to Die, someone else would have to take up his part. If Page gets the chance to play this role, he would become the very first black Bond in history. Lovers of Bridgerton have flocked to Page in massive numbers. As per a British betting organization, Ladbrokes, Page’s chances of landing the job might go in his favor.

Regé-Jean Page dismisses speculations that he might be the new James Bond

The star answered on the speculations of becoming the next James Bond. An after his outstanding performance in Netflix superhit Bridgerton, the fans expected him to be a good choice for the role of James Bond. At a virtual visit on “The Tonight Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon,” Page, though, dismissed the hypothesis. The star went on to say that the rumors are most probably the product of individuals complimenting British performers by proposing they portray Bond. Many other popular actors including Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds as well as Tom Hiddleston are also been considered for the part of James Bond.

Nevertheless, it seemed that he did not give his attention to these speculations but earlier due to his post captioned Shaken and Stirred added some fuel to the ongoing rumors. Page is currently concentrating on his “Bridgerton” role, Simon Basset. Even though the Shonda Rhimes-produced program was still to be approved for a season 2 at that time, the star had previously stated that he is “definitely” prepared to resume his part. This character is liked by his fans. It is well known that as a British actor becomes famous he is speculated to be cast for the role of James Bond. This could be a major reason behind this speculation.

The page may be the finest fascinating fresh Bond possibility before Golding or perhaps Elba, even though neither of the rumors or wagering markets signifies anything. Even though Bridgerton was Page’s initial role, he’s proven to have actual dramatic skills, making him a rather acceptable Bond contender. When Daniel Craig portrayed the role of James Bond his character was shown as a powerful man with a strong body as well as nature. Page is well aware of this fact and he has depicted this in his show Bridgerton.


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