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Netflix Confirms All of Us Are Dead Season 2 for 2023, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Netflix has been focused on bringing back some of the big projects at the time and there are reports that All of Us Are Dead Season 2 is coming and the hype is building up.

All of Us Are Dead stood out to make a big mark in the Netflix world after the Squid Game and the show has also been leading the global charts at the time whereas the show has also been compared to the Squid Game at the time.

The south Korean show portrays the story of a thriller/horror zombie apocalypse storyline and mentions that the fans of the zombie genre are basically loving the show with the big idea it came through along with other drastic turns and twists in the story. The show which is currently leading the big charts is based upon the webtoon named Now at our School which was brought upon by Joo Dong-hyuk.

All of Us are Dead new season is expected to arrive with yet another big storyline

Whereas to mention that the show has gotten over mixed reviews in some regions of the world but still it went ahead to make a mark as a big entertainment value in the world of TV shows. The fans have been wondering at the time whether there would be All of Us Are Dead Season 2 to continue the story.

The good news was passed forward at the time and though it has been confirmed by the authorities that the show has been renewed for another season at the time which basically means that the show would return and is currently in the works and the great news has been surfacing on the internet as the fans are delighted that they would be able to cover more in the storyline of the zombies.


All of Us Dead was released on January 28 and though the show has been dominating the world of TV shows and thus the fans are eagerly waiting to cover the new updates about the second season whereas to mention that there has not been any other news regarding the particular release date of the show but the fans are suspecting at the time that the show would return with All of Us Are Dead Season 2 by the mid of 2023 and the production of the show might continue is a scheduled manner if the Covid19 pandemic does not hit again.

The fans will be expecting a lot from All of Us Are Dead Season 2 especially considering the part that the first season of the show turned out to be a big success at the time with storyline and major details. It is yet to see how the new season of the show might make an impact in the world of TV shows and how it will turn out to be afterall.

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