Naughty Dog CONFIRMS The Last of Us 3 Release Date for 2024, Script Finished and More

The Last Of Us is an action-adventure game released in 2013 by Naughty Dog and published by the Microsoft team. The last of us part 2 broke all sales records selling 4 million copies in a single week. Fans are eager for the last of us part 3, the first sequel was released after 7 years after the original, so in this context, we have to wait for the best. The Last of Us3  appears like an easy decision, in the long run. As the past parts were extremely loved by the audience, Fans are eager for the third sequel. Fans need to know when The Last of Us 3 release date will be declared. The previous game was somewhat isolating, but it’s crystal clear that Ellie’s story isn’t over yet. People wanted to know what is upcoming in the next part and on what platforms it might release.

Naughty Dog is done with the script of The Last Of Us 3 but, now he is focusing on New IP and multiplayer development of The Last Of Us part 2. There is no question that The Last Of Us is one of the star PlayStation IPs. Naughty Dog weaved it with The Last Of Us 2, one of the extraordinary rounds of the PS4 generation, and named Game Of The Year 2020. People wondering when will be The Last Of Us 3 come out or even the multiplayer of the second part. The good news for the awaiters is that Naughty Dog is done with the script. Based on the information, the foundation of the script The Last Of Us 3 has finished. It’s an unpredictable version, but Naughty Dog has a solid sequel story idea for The Last Of Us 2.

“Just authority proclamations from the studio, the content framework is prepared, however, the studio is charmed in the improvement of the previously mentioned projects. Improvement might begin surprisingly quick because of studio extension” says the leak. Although the content for The Last Of Us 3 would as of now be supported, truly Naughty Dog is falling away at different activities… which will unavoidably move the improvement of this continuation. Obviously, Oops Leaks demonstrates that this could begin sooner than anticipated. The primary course would show up with Naughty Dog’s new IP. This won’t highlight the cooperation of Neil Druckmannand will leave the post-apocalyptic environments to focus on a fantasy world.

What are the new Naughty Dog projects? We should go by parts. In the beginning, the studio keeps on working on multiplayer for The Last Of Us Part II which will eventually be an independent title. The Last Of Us Online will save the group framework, however in view of the playable plan of The Division, with difficulties, missions, and, surprisingly, solo game segments. Oops, Leaks explains that it will be allowed to play, and will come to both PS5 and PC. For the present, Naughty Dog has not declared anything about its licenses. Nonetheless, the studio is growing, and it’s undeniably true that they are plotting something to enlarge the PS5 computer game index. There is no official announcement yet, therefore no trailer is released.


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