My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date Confirmed For 2021?


Well… as you’ve reached here, the lowest level of the hell, I assume that you’re an Otaku or Weeb or whatever you are. But one thing is sure that you’ve watched or currently watching one of the finest Shonen anime of all time “My Hero Academia.” In fact, you most probably started watching anime cause one of your peers suggested you like “Bro! this anime is dope! Try this out.” So today what we’re talking about is the sixth season of this anime. Yeah, you heard me… not so long ago “My Hero Academia Season 6” has been announced and the production is currently ongoing. As we all know, the last or fifth season has been concluded its 25th episode just yesterday (25th September 2021) which started airing on 27th March this year. As we could see in the last season both the heroes and the villains went through some tough situations and became stronger in various ways. So, one thing we’re sure of is that the upcoming season will also take this feeling to the next level with the new episodes.

Release Date For My Hero Academia Season 6

Just after the conclusion of season 5, studio “Bones” has taken the baton for My Hero Academia Season 6 immediately (you probably understand by now why the artists look like living corps right?) which is now in production with TOHO animation. But to be honest, there is very little news to be assured of about the upcoming release. Some fans are satisfied with the storyline and obviously, some fans are not. But keeping those silly (not that silly) stats aside, we are looking forward to the biggest arc of this anime (according to the manga) to be animated that has been set up by the season 5 finale. The things that made the last season somehow good are precise animation and intense sequences in “My Villain Academia.” But if the studio keeps following the manga, these will be faded away if compared to the stuff that can be expected from My Hero Academia Season 6 which is gonna serialize the manga arc named “Paranormal Liberation War.”

Anticipated Plot For My Hero Academia Season 6

Yeah well… some of you are asking questions in your mind like season 5 is totally twisted. How did it end up turning over the order of arcs and finished up with My Villain Academia arc highlighting the villains? But you should know that it unknowingly created the stage for the upcoming important clashes to take place in order. If the last episode of season 5 is followed thoroughly, you’ll get that this signifies a bigger war in the name of Paranormal Liberation Front who will now operate under its commander Shigaraki Tomura. As for Shigaraki, he is gonna get a lot stronger and pose a greater threat to humanity and as for Our Shonen MC Izuku Midoriya who already mastered the technique of blackwhip with the help of Endeavour, will continue exploring new powers that are hidden under the name of “One For all.” There’s no telling just how the anime will be bringing it to life, but at least fans can rest easy knowing that Season 6 is already on the way!

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