Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Release Date: Will there be a season 2?

The Disney+ series Ms. Marvel is a sensation now. The show has become a massive hit, gaining highly positive responses from critics as well as die-hard fans of Marvel. As we are approaching the end of Ms. Marvel Season 1, the storyline is thrilling us with several revelations and exciting powers of Captain Marvel’s worshipper from New Jersey, Kamala Khan. The 16-year-old teen wishes to follow her love for Captain Marvel and becomes a newbie superhero after acquiring her great-grandmother’s bangle. Here in this article, we will be discussing everything about Ms. Marvel Episode 6 including the story synopsis up to now and the release date of the season finale.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6

Kamala Khan Successfully Enters The Hearts of Fans

Every new episode is contributing to the addition of tons of fans to the show. Kamala‘s magical bangle and the power it holds have been the showstopper. Iman Vellani is being appreciated for her incredible acting and charming performance as Ms. Marvel. The show is something out of the league we can expect from Marvel Cinematic Universe and is considered an experiment for the audience. The show has far succeeded in gaining praise from all over the world for depicting the storyline in an adventurous and semi-animated way.

The show combines visual effects like comics with an in-person depiction of the story, making its episodes more catchy and easy to understand. The latest episode, which is the fifth episode, was released on 6 July and left the audience stunned with the past plotline of Ms. Marvel’s great-grandmother, Aisha dating back to 1942. Episode 4 has witnessed the entry of popular Bollywood actor and writer, Farhan Akhtar into the Marvel Universe. The show already includes many actors having Indian and Pakistani origin.

Kamala’s Life-Saving Time Travel to 1947! Episode 5 Synopsis

We saw Kamala getting directions from her grandmother, Sana about the mysterious bangle and her great grandmother, Aisha. The episode also introduced The Red Dagger who along with Kamala has the ultimate goal of protecting mankind from the Clandestine and other Djinn. After having a brief background introduction of Clandestine by Bollywood’s Farhan Akhtar, Red Dagger and Ms. Marvel find themselves being chased by the Clandestine who have Kamran’s mother, Najma as their leader.

Episode five takes us back in time to the year 1942 when Aisha escapes another clandestine and meets Kamala’s great-grandfather, Hassan. The duo engage in a romantic affair and are blessed with a daughter, Sana who eventually becomes Kamala’s grandmother. It’s 1947 when India and Pakistan are facing partition. As riots pace up against the Muslim community in several parts of India, Aisha, Hassan, and their child Sana have no choice but to leave India. That’s when Aisha met Najma again who asked for the mysterious bangle to return to their home, Clandestine.

Aisha who herself has a home back in Clandestine isn’t willing to leave her family on Earth and tries to escape through the last train to Pakistan. Aisha fails to board the train after being stabbed by Najma. Sana is lost and Aisha whispers, “What you seek, is seeking you” which teleports Ms. Marvel from her fight with Najma in the present back to 1947 where she uses the powers of her bangle to help Sana reach her father back. This is when Sana creates a trail of stars through the bangles given to her by Aisha.

The ending gets emotional when Kamala returns to the present and a vein is opened to the Clandestine world. Najma and her fellow teammate die closing this vein and Najma transfers her powers to her son, Kamran. Meanwhile, Kamala’s powers are witnessed by her mother and grandmother. The three generations get along the same path while Kamran in New Jersey is on a run from someone. Kamran gets a shelter at Bruno’s home which is destroyed by a drone. Now, this revelation is left to be showcased in the final episode of Ms. Marvel Season 1.

Episode 6 is Season Finale? Ms. Marvel Season Finale Explained

Unfortunately! you will get only six episodes for Ms. Marvel Season 1. This means Ms. Marvel Episode 6 is also going to be the season finale and will surely leave us with several cliffhangers and fans have to wait for almost a year to get the further storyline on their screens. In the previous episode, we witnessed someone evil behind Kamran when he and Bruno were attacked at Bruno‘s apartment which was completely destroyed. Now we may expect this revelation in the finale episode along with Kamala dealing with the damage control after Najma is gone.

Kamala is maturing with her powers with every episode and this is surely not the end of her story as she is being followed by the government agency back in Jersey City. There are still many things undiscussed between Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger and we have to see how many stories will be covered from the comic series in Ms. Marvel Season 1.

By the season‘s end, we can expect Kamala to return back to New Jersey and face the evil Kamran now. What about the Red Dagger? We can assure you that Red Dagger is yet to arrive in the main storyline and is not just a sidekick to Kamala. And even Kamala and Red Dagger have to face many upcoming troubles together. No more spoilers for the next season!

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Release Fixture

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 is set to hit Disney+ on Wednesday, July 13 at 3 A.M. ET/12 a.m. PT. Marvel Comics has not spoken about the renewal of Ms. Marvel for a second season. If you follow the comics, there is incredibly more plot to be introduced for Miss Marvel, so we can expect Ms. Marvel to return for more seasons. Fans will be excited to know that Ms. Marvel is going to enter Avengers Quantum Encounter and bigger Marvel projects in the mainstream.

After the end of the leading Avengers Trio – Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, the new set of superheroes are expected to take their respective places in the new MCU. Avengers Quantum ENcounter will witness Kamala’s cameo and she has confirmed her involvement in bigger MCU projects in the future.

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