Mozilla Firefox 88 an update which will make you switch from Chrome- Here’s Why?

Mozilla Firefox 88 a Better Browsing Experience

Comparing Mozilla Firefox with Google Chrome is an important factor in terms of usability, privacy, protection, and extension support to assist you in selecting the best.

The browsing experience is one of the major elements that everyone relies upon. Still, many times its been taken fr granted before thinking about the outcome that may help them upgrade to a better version.

Contrasting between two of the most prominent browsers in the world is not that easy Firefox has nearly 10% of the market share of users whereas Chrome has 65%. but here is the matter who is more reliable to depend upon?

Let’s be honest we all have been on and off with the browser Mozilla Firefox has been an underrated choice for most of them as compared to google but It takes different aspects that need to be considered to make an informed decision on which browser to choose.

It all comes down to a single question: Is Firefox update better than chrome or vice versa.

Firefox is the last browser that has its own rendering engine, which plays a significant role in keeping the internet accessible and optimized.

Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 88

Mozilla reports that it has fixed bugs in Firefox for Android that prevented some fullscreen videos from working correctly on websites in a desktop viewport.

A more intriguing shift has to do with search engines. When you begin typing the name of one of your custom search engines, a recommendation to use that engine will appear at the top of your computer. When you tap it, you will begin searching for an article on Wikipedia or a product on Amazon, for example. You can also use the “Search engine” shortcut on top of the address bar to choose what you want to search for from a list

Firefox 88 deactivates FTP support in the browser. According to Mozilla, the feature is not commonly used and, it has “security danger” because FTP is a non-encrypted protocol. It will be removed in future updates.

There are a few other updates that are mainly applicable to developers, such as support for new CSS classes and JavaScript enhancements.

Meanwhile, the desktop release is having a neat new privacy-preserving improvement centered on data leakage from website to website.

The new version of the well-known FOSS software now supports ‘smooth pinch-zooming with a touchpad’ on Linux systems. Furthermore, the browser’s built-in PDF form filler now supports JavaScript embedding within PDF files.

In the spirit of removing redundant functionality, this update removes the “Take a Screenshot” option from the Page Actions menu in the URL bar.

Firefox 88 is open-source software that is free to use. You can get the new version of Firefox from the Firefox website or from the repositories of your Linux distribution. Ubuntu users will be automatically updated to the Firefox 88 update in the near future.

Firefox 88 for Android is gradually becoming available to everyone on the Play Store now that the official launch date was on April 19 which has already passed.


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