“Motorola Edge 2: Leaks and rumors, Moto’s next flagship phone ?

The Motorola Edge 2 is the planned 2020 successor for this phone and for the Edge Plus series Motorola Edge. They were entirely new products, and we were shocked by their launch. However, we expect the next version now.

Named for the dramatically curved screen edges and even though the company’s production is mostly from budgets, Motorola Edge phones have shown that it still knows how to make affordable and luxury phones.

When we start hearing leaks and rumors from Motorola Edge 2, we will begin to compile them so that you know what to expect.

Price and accessibility of Motorola Edge

Possibly a mid and premium product will be available when the Motorola Edge 2 line has the same standard Plus models as the initial devices.

In terms of availability all of the devices would likely have been started in the United States, UK, or Australia, but maybe not in a moment.

Motorola staggered the release on the first Edge generation and the United Kingdom was the top standard Edge, and the US got the Plus first before all the devices were started in all regions. It may be that the same pattern for the Edge 2 line would be replicated, but it is not guaranteed.

Rumors and leaks

We figured there were some leaks from Motorola Edge 2 – before we discovered that they really were about the Edge S or Moto G100 so that we really know nothing.

The code names Motorola Edge 2 series, Sierra, Berlin, Berlin NA, and Kyoto, are possibly worthwhile. In reality, it doesn’t say much about the phones, but they all seem to be coming in 2021.

Perhaps then, rather than just two, you will be seeing 4 Motorola Edge 2 phones – a Lite, and maybe a 4G version of one of the models as well. However, that’s only conjecture.

What we want to see

We would like to see the required peripherals as an extra option on the handset, and not obligatory supplements if Motorola Edge 2 supports Ready For, as they probably support the Edge Plus.

Improved camera performance

Phones from Motorola have never been awesome for their photography and Edge Plus has not been an exception, but the smartphones of the company have improved recently.

If Motorola upgraded the Edge 2 photography program and perhaps even increased the resolution in the images, the overall smartphone experience will be significantly improved.

Curved edge function

There were several useful features with the phone that maximized the use of this tapered display, but it was not the only thing that it could do to meet the ‘Edge’ tag. The phone had a curved screen.

You can swipe down on the curved display edge to list your updates to help navigate the tall, slim screen, and tap some portions of the curve that function as a trigger that you can track.

These were excellent, but the total list of additional curve functions was small. Hopefully, Motorola had time to think about new ones, so Edge 2 would use its design more.

Good fingerprint scanner

Smartphone manufacturers struggle with the easy-to-use fingerprint scanner, with the Motorola Edge as an example of an intelligent and hard-to-use sensor.

We’d like to see the Motorola Edge 2 Series with better fingerprint scanners – may be bigger, more convenient to use, or even more exact to scan technology.

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