Morgan Wilson Cause of Death: A Tragic Loss for the Softball Community

Morgan “Mo” Wilson, a talented and promising softball player from Louisiana, passed away on December 23, 2022, at the age of 13. Her cause of death has not been revealed yet, but her family and friends are devastated by the sudden loss of a bright and joyful young girl who had a passion for sports and life.

Who Was Morgan Wilson?

Morgan Wilson was a middle schooler from Alexandria, Louisiana, who played for the Impact Gold National 2K9 team, a club softball program based in Texas. She was a versatile and athletic player who could play multiple positions, but mainly excelled as a third baseman and outfielder. She was also a powerful hitter who had an impressive exit velocity and could hit long balls.

Morgan was not only a star on the softball field, but also on the basketball court. She averaged 25-30 points per game and was selected to the 13U team on the 2022 USA Softball High Performance Program (HPP), a national talent identification and development program for young softball players.

Morgan was known for her positive attitude, infectious smile, and leadership skills. She was a role model for her teammates and peers, and a loving daughter, sister, and friend to many. She had a bright future ahead of her, as she was one of the top prospects in the Class of 2027 and had many colleges interested in her.

How Did Morgan Wilson Die?

The details of Morgan’s death are still unclear, but it is believed that she suffered a fatal accident on December 22, 2022. According to Extra Inning Softball, Morgan was taking tennis lessons at the Anaheim Tennis Center in California, where she was visiting her grandparents for the holidays. She had just finished some laps at Boysen Park and was preparing to do some sprints when she collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Her family rushed her to the hospital, where she remained in critical condition until she passed away the next day. Her funeral services were held on December 30 at the Zion Hill Church in Pineville, Louisiana.

How Did the Softball Community React to Morgan Wilson’s Death?

The news of Morgan’s death shocked and saddened the softball community, as many players, coaches, organizations, and fans expressed their condolences and tributes to her and her family. Some of the messages included:

  • USA Softball: “We are saddened to hear of the tragic passing of Morgan “Mo” Wilson — a U-13 Top Performer at the 2022 #HPP National Selection Event. We join the softball community in mourning Mo’s loss as her passion & presence on and off the field will be dearly missed.”
  • Impact Gold: “It has been the most challenging time as we mourn the loss of one of our own, Morgan “Mo” Wilson. We are heartbroken and will forever miss Mo’s presence here with us. Please pray for Morgan’s family, and respect the family’s privacy. We will never forget our Mo3.”
  • Jazz Jackson Vesely, Impact Gold Program Director: “Morgan is a true utility player. Morgan is a dual threat with tons of power in hitting long balls and was a leader last Fall as well with her slugging and on-base percentages.”
  • Jared Bryant, Impact Gold Head Coach: “Softball was huge for Morgan, and she was one of the most athletic 13-year-olds in the country. Although she was close to 6-foot, Mo was the third fastest on our team and could hit and make plays that kids shouldn’t be making at that age. Down the road, Morgan would have had colleges fighting over her.”

A GoFundMe page was also set up by Impact Gold to help Morgan’s family with funeral expenses and other costs. The page has raised over $12,000 so far.

How Can We Honor Morgan Wilson’s Legacy?

Morgan Wilson’s death is a tragic reminder of how precious and fragile life is, especially for young athletes who have so much potential and dreams to pursue. Her legacy will live on through her family, friends, teammates, coaches, and fans who will remember her as an amazing person and player who touched many lives with her talent and spirit.

One way we can honor Morgan’s legacy is by following her example of being passionate, positive, joyful, hardworking, respectful, and supportive of others. Another way is by raising awareness and advocating for CPR training and AED availability in sports facilities and public places, as these could save lives in case of cardiac emergencies.

Morgan Wilson’s cause of death may not be known yet, but what is certain is that she left an indelible mark on the softball world and beyond. She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her, and her memory will inspire many to follow their dreams and passions. Rest in peace, Morgan “Mo” Wilson. You will never be forgotten.

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