Morbius director shares Major Details about Michael Keaton’s character

Sony has released the first trailer of its upcoming movie Morbius. The trailer has featured the appearance of another character of Spiderverse, Vulture. The character was first introduced in Spider-Man Homecoming and was acted by Michael Keaton. The upcoming Morbius movie is directed by Daniel Espinosa. the titular character Dr. Michael Morbius will be starred by Jared Leto. Dr. Morbius is a scientist who suffers from a peculiar blood disease. This accidentally turns him into a vampire. The movie is a thorough follow-up of another movie of Sony, Venom which kicked off Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff franchise.

Now, considering the fact that the latest Spider-Man movie was a result of the joint venture of Marvel and Sony Entertainment, the one question that is bugging the fans is how Morbius relates to the MCU. Well, now that the first trailer of Morbius is out, our confusion has been cleared up. The trailer has dropped numerous hints about the character that proves that the universe where Mobius exists is somehow in the same reality as the MCU.

What Does the Director Say About Vulture Being in Morbius

the director of Morbius, Daniel Espinosa, confirmed that Morbius isn’t part of the MCU and is part of the same Venomverse we were introduced to in the 2018 film. Yet, it seems that that doesn’t mean we’ll get a crossover between the two franchises, as the director seems to imply that Michael Keaton‘s return as Vulture in the trailers is indeed the version we were introduced to in the MCU. He goes out of his way to confirm that it is indeed the one from Spider-Man: Homecoming and even gives away how he ends up in the film.

There’s no concrete information regarding when Morbius fits in relation to MCU’s timeline. Prior to the trailer’s release, which revealed several details tying it in the superhero franchise, fans believed that Sony’s spinoff series was removed from the MCU. However, with that no longer being the case, the public is interested to know how the events of the movie fit in the MCU. The newly-rolled-out trailer features some clues, such as the fact that Toomes is wearing the same prison clothes he was wearing in the Homecoming credits scene.

How Vulture Can Be Related to MCU

While the initial assumption given this detail is that Morbius takes place around the same time as Homecoming, the Spider-Man “murderer” graffiti directly contradicts this notion. Instead, it implies that the events of the upcoming film take place after Spider-Man: Far From Home and after Peter was framed for the death of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). The question now is, how Vulture was able to get out of jail? Considering that he’s still wearing his prison clothes, chances are that he escaped rather than was freed – otherwise, he would’ve at least changed into something else. Or, it’s possible that Morbius found himself crossing paths with Toomes, who may still be a prisoner in the movie.

In a way, it seems like Sony wanted an excuse to have the character return and used the loophole surrounding the spell to explain why he’s part of Sony’s universe. We might expect them to pick and choose whoever landed in whatever universe so they can build whatever they are trying to attempt, but the fact they reveal it ahead of the release makes no real sense. Perhaps they have a trick up their sleeve once the film hits theaters, or they are banking on that connection selling the film.

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