Moon Knight New Footage Teases his Full Potential Before 30th March Release

Moon Knight is coming soon on our screens. And just a few days back a new trailer of the show has launched. The latest trailer of the series has given us a scope to see the character more closely and has provided us with the details of the powers of the character of Moon Knight. The trailer also gave us a better look at the demonic creature that chases him. Needless to say, we’re going to see a ton of shows from Marvel and Disney+ and the first of that list arrives within 7 days. The show is scheduled to release on the streaming platform next Wednesday and will continue for 6 consecutive weeks fueling our brains with magic, mystery, and action. The character of Marc Spector, also known as the Moon Knight will be carried out by Oscar Isaac.

Moon Knight

What’s This Hype About Moon Knight?

As we can see in the new trailer, at the beginning of the series, the alters of Marc, Steven Grant will be the ones in charge. Steven is an employee of a gift shop who seems confused regarding the memories he has jumbling inside of his head. He has no recollection of those memories. We will be seeing many turns and twists in his upcoming journey. But that is the end of it. Marvel did a careful job keeping their lips tight about the rest of the story.

What Does The Trailer of Moon Knight Show Us?

With just a few days to go before Moon Knight blesses our screens, Marvel Studios has revealed a new teaser for the show. The roughly 1-minute-long clip provides a glimpse at the Moon Knight Costume of Isaac. We can also see his powers – their best showcase yet while also teasing the terrifying demon creature Harrow summons. It seems like we will be seeing a good fight between Marc and that creature that will no doubt be brainstorming to watch onscreen. Check out the trailer below.

Some of the footage from the newest trailer has been shown in other spots for the show. From this, we can see how Marvel has done their part in revealing a very little part of the show. people are hyping Moon Knight as the studio has revealed that it’s going to be one of the darkest shows of Marvel to date. on the other hand, the series will be the first one to study a particular character since Iron Man. The glimpses of the trailer provide a mixture of the action and the thorough walkthrough of the life of Marc Spector. The balance is maintained by the moments where marc encounters Steven. Seems like we are going to see the life of Marc with the eyes of Steven.

Moon Knight

More To The Story

Aside from the thorough character study, the series will also see a good amount of action and twisted doings of Moon Knight which is obviously expected from the Marvel Studio. The costume of Moon Knight gives us an impressive vibe and no doubt that fans are eager to see Moon Knight in action. Marvel has done a great job hyping up this mysterious show, and it’ll be exciting to see where it leads once it finally premieres next week.

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