Moon Knight Episode 3 Air Date and Expected Plot

Perhaps the most expected titles from Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight have premiered and its first episode “The Goldfish Problem” was released on 30th March 2022. In Moon Knight Episode 3, you’ll get more information from a variety of sources that embody both the character drama of the series and the wider world-building, while at the same time getting a good first look at the actual Moon Knight. Underneath that all, a fairly simple story seems to emerge, but it’s confusing with multiple personalities, Egyptian mythology, and the usual MCU obligations. On the latest excursion that took both, Stephen and Mark, to Egypt, Moon Knight Episode 3 will find that the larger paintings are beginning to take on even clearer shapes.

What happened in the last episode?

After the museum was attacked at the end of the premiere, Stephen began to worry that he was really crazy. Dismissed from a gift shop job, he visits a storage box with his key and discovers a duffel bag with a gun, money in various currencies, a passport with Mark Specter’s name, and a golden scarab. Stephen also met Mark’s wife, Layla. She seemed to know Layla something about his activity, but she didn’t know about his double life. Harrow’s goon was able to track Stephen. Harrow explained that he was the first avatar of Khonshu and wanted to revive another Egyptian goddess, Ammit, so that bad things wouldn’t happen. This includes eliminating people who may be doing something wrong at some point in the future, meaning criticizing the innocent.

Prediction for the upcoming episode

It’s fun to see Stephen playing a talkative supporting role with a chime from the reflexes, as Mark controls his body. Moon Knight Episode 3 should be a great reversal of dynamics from the first two episodes. If the golden Scarab points to Ammit’s tomb and Harrow has it, how does Stephen/Mark plan to find it? Just Follow Harrow? It seems to add a lot of deliberate ambiguity to Khonshu. The original sources are unfamiliar, So was this dynamic stolen from the comics?? Historically, is Khonshu a kind of villain who manipulates Stephen/Mark like Layla? Speaking of Layla, is Marvel building a kind of love triangle? Stephen soon began to show her affection for her, probably because Mark loves her enough to bid on Khonshu just to keep him away from her. There is a bit of confusion about the near future.

When and where to watch

The series’ new episode is released every Wednesday. Moon Knight Episode 3 will be on air on the upcoming Wednesday, that is, on April 13, 2022, on Disney+. Moon Knight is available exclusively on Disney+, and can only be watched with a subscription. New episodes appear on Disney+ at 12 AM PT/3 AM ET and 8 AM GMT, however, Disney has uploaded new episodes 10 minutes early at times. The episode’s name is not yet disclosed. The last episode was 50 minutes long and from that, it is predicted that episode 3 will also be 50-60 minutes.


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