Monsters at Work Season 2 Release Date on Disney+ Confirmed?

For people with a love for animations, it is hard to not be acquainted with the madness that resides in Monstropolis. ‘Monsters at Work‘ is an American animated series that has its originated from the Monsters Inc. media franchise. Pixar originally introduced us to the world of monsters for the first time which became an instant hit among the audience and left its mark. After making fans wait for too long, the monsters were seen back on screens nearly a hiatus of 20 years. This time they hit the screens under the title of Monsters at Work and were released on Disney+ on July 7, 2021. It has its genre based on comedy and fantasy, where the characterization was the same as the ones, developed by Pixar Animations Studio. In this article, we shall discuss Monsters at Work Season 2.

Monsters at Work Season 2

The cast of the animated series

The series is developed by Bob Gannaway and the  prime voice actors who lend their voices to the animated characters are as follows:

  • Billy Crystal lends his voice to Mike Wazowski, who is seen as the Co-President of Monster Inc.
  • John Goodman lends his voice to James P. Sulley,  famously known as Mike’s best friend and the CEO of the company him.
  • Ben Feldman lends his voice to Tylor Tuskmon, a Monster University graduate who dreamt of being a scarer.
  • Mindy Kaling lends his voice to Val Little, who is an acquaintance of Tylor from his University.
  • Henry Winkler lends his voice to Fritz, the one-eyed Tapir-nosed boss of the facility team.
  • Lucas Nefflends his voice for Duncan P. Anderson, who is shown to have a one-sided rivalry with Tylor
  • Alanna Ubach lends his voice to Katherine “Cutter” Sterns.

The possible release date of Monsters at Work Season 2

The series released its first installment on July 7, 2021, while making the fans eagerly wait for the release of Monsters at Work Season 2. Season 1 comprises 10 episodes.

Season 1 has remarkably made its mark on the audience and the fans were left elated when the announcement of the release of Monsters at work Season 2 was made by the officials in June 2022. The team is currently working on the project, creating much excitement among the audience.

Any official announcement regarding the exact release date of Monsters at Work Season 2 is yet to be made. However, the officials have made a statement that the next installment is set to release next year i.e. 2023. They have even released a teaser for the same.

So the fans just have to wait patiently until anything official is said regarding the release date, till then we suggest our viewers to binge-watch season 1 to witness an exciting journey to Monstropolis.

What to expect from Season 2?

The plot for the next season is likely to carry forward with the same storyline where it left off. In the end, we saw that Tylor, a young graduate from Monster University, along with his crew saves the company they have been recruited in. Through a series of events, Tylor eventually realizes his new pursuit of becoming a jokester. Keeping that in view, the plot of Monsters at Work Season 2 is plausible to focus on Tylor’s journey to his newly realized pursuits.

Nothing much has been disclosed on what to expect from season 2 and to claim anything would be too early and too uncertain. But one can expect that the story is probable to center the characters of Sully, Tylor, and Mike. For now, we feel it’s better to let the makers do their job, while we sit back and wait to witness our journey back to Monstropolis with the monsters.

The story so far…

This section is for those who have not visited the monster’s world and need a gist for the same. The story kicks off centering the lead, Tylor Tuskmon, a fresh graduate from Monster University. He dreamt of securing a job as a Scarer, which eventually comes true when he gets recruited at Monsters Inc. But things take a rather modest turn for him as he gets to know that due to the occurrence of uncertain events, the company doe not hire scarers anymore. The new ‘in charge’ Sully and Mike propose a much more effective way of generating power by using laughter rather than the screams of children. The story then unravels Tylor’s journey of accepting and learning to be a jokester while centering on the narratives of Mike and Sully who work hard to run the company.

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