Money Heist Season 6 might come as a Spin-Off, Rumor Explained

We are here to talk about the new season of Money Heist as a lot of hype is building up with the big question among the fans as to whether there would be a Money Heist Season 6 or not.

Money Heist has made a big impact in the industry and mentioning the fact that the show stands out as one of the best shows on Netflix which gained huge popularity over a short period of time. It is yet to see if the most famous title of Netflix has more to offer in its title. The big question which is being raised among the fans is whether there would be Money Heist Season 6 at the time or not.

Also to mention the part that we have covered a remarkable journey of Money Heist in the time period and whether to mention the amazing big experience that we witnessed from the Heist Royal Mint of Spain to the heist of Bank of Spain and though it stood out to make a big mark with a total of five seasons.

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Money Heist spin-off might be giving competition to the original title

The fans, on the other hand, have also made big demands regarding the return of Money Heist Season 6 and all of the hype has not gone through unnoticed, and attention was also given to the situation. The authorities of Netflix also went on to capture the big situation at the time period and also gave out their word that unfortunately there won’t be a Money Heist Season 6 and thus there would be a spin-off series of the title.

Moreover to mention that all of the five seasons of the show have turned out to be a big success at the period of time whereas the story made a big and clean closure at the end of the fifth season. All of the five seasons of Money Heist are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Obviously, this upcoming series will focus on fan-favorite Berlin (Pedro Alonso), aka Andrés de Fonollosa, aka The Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) brother. But little is known about the series beyond that. Since Berlin died in Part 2, it feels safe to say this new installment likely won’t take place after the end of Money Heist. But there are still a ton of stories this series can explore.

As the final episodes explored, Andrés and Sergio came from a family of thieves and criminals. What did that look like growing up? Before they were The Professor and Berlin, what did their first heists look like? Who is Rafael’s (Patrick Criado) mom, and how does she factor into all of this? These are the questions we’re hoping Berlin will answer.

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The spin-off series which will be coming out in the time would be named Money Heist: Berlin and to mention that the show would basically be revolving around the life of the character of Berlin as the fan-favorite character stands out among all with a different perspective. There have not been any more leaks or more information about the title except the part that the show would be focusing on the struggles and life challenges of Berlin and Professor and it would be interesting to watch is how high were the stakes for both of the personalities to come along and plan the biggest heists.

There has also not been any news about the release date of the title and thus the spin-off series is expected to arrive by the end of 2022 or by the beginning of 2023 and the authorities of the platform shall come forward to drop updates about the title and it is yet to see how it would be posted.

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