Megan Fox REACTS to Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess Pregnancy

We are here to bring the latest couple controversy which is taking place as Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess are expecting a child and Megan Fox has a completely different reaction on this. Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess have been together for a while now and the ideal couple has been beside each other throughout the period. Mentioning the fact that the couple has often been spotted out holding hand and this is something which the audience has adored in the period of time.

The couple on the other hand has also come forward to announce the good news that they are expecting a child and the internet has not slowed down since the news dropped and everyone is talking about it at the time. Some of the huge controversies have been taking place as the different couples throughout the year have decided to split.

Brian Austin Greene

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess have big plans for pregnancy

Megan Fox on the other hand had a totally surprising reaction to the big news which was put forward by the couple. The sources have reported that Megan Fox had a surprising reaction to the news of a couple expecting a child at the period of time. The source also went on to mention that Megan is focused on her engagement with Machine Gun Kelly and the couple are too much in love at the time while mention that the source suggested that Megan has not been overthinking on this matter and moreover how the baby would be putting an effect on the dynamic of the family of the Brian and the boys.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, on the other hand, are currently focused on their relationship as it is growing and evolving over time too and moreover to mention that MGK recently proposed to Megan Fox and now they are all set to engage and get married. The source also mentioned at the time that Brian along with Megan does whatever suits best for their children and everything is put at a stake for them. The couple has been recently divorced and co-parenting their children together. Thus the source has also given word that they have talked to each other in time and it basically gives a sign that everything would go smoothly at the time.

Brian Austin Greene


The couple is expecting a child and the internet is filled up with all the big wishes at the time and to mention that other major celebs have also congratulated the couple on this special occasion. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly would also be coming forward in time to announce the plans of their marriage and thus this would stand out to be big at the time and it is yet to see what the future will be holding out for them in the period of time.

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