Maureen Dumont Kelly Cause of Death: How the Actress and Showgirl Lost Her Battle with Cancer

Maureen Dumont Kelly was an American actress and showgirl who appeared in several films and TV shows in the 1980s and 1990s. She was also the mother of Minka Kelly, a famous actress and model who starred in Friday Night Lights, Titans, and The Roommate. Maureen died in 2008 at the age of 51 after a long struggle with colon cancer. Here is a brief overview of her life, career, and death.

Early Life and Career

Maureen was born on December 20, 1956, in Whittier, California. She had a mixed ancestry of Irish, English, Scottish, French, Dutch, German, and Indonesian. She started her acting career in 1985 with a role as a squad member in the film Hell Squad. She then appeared in various TV shows such as Lady Blue, 21 Jump Street, Thirtysomething, and Roseanne. She played mostly minor roles as nurses, dancers, or callers.

Besides acting, Maureen also worked as an exotic dancer at the Crazy Girls Club in Los Angeles. She had a tumultuous lifestyle and often moved from one place to another with her daughter Minka. She also had several odd jobs at gas stations, restaurants, and other places. She was described by locals as a striking woman who loved to have fun.

Relationship with Minka Kelly

Maureen had her daughter Minka on June 24, 1980, with her ex-partner Rick Dufay, a former guitarist for the rock band Aerosmith. Maureen and Rick never married and separated shortly after Minka’s birth. Maureen raised Minka as a single mother and had a complicated relationship with her.

Minka revealed in her memoir Tell Me Everything that she had a traumatic childhood and that her mother was not very supportive or nurturing. She said that her mother would often take her to buy shoes at Payless or skip school to spend money. She also said that her mother would sometimes leave her alone at home or with strangers while she went out to party or work.

Minka also said that her mother was abusive and manipulative and that she tried to escape from her many times. She said that her mother would hit her, lock her in closets, or threaten to kill herself if Minka left her. She also said that her mother would lie to her about her father and that she did not meet him until she was 17 years old.

Despite their difficulties, Minka said that she loved her mother and that she tried to understand her. She said that her mother had a hard life and that she suffered from mental illness and addiction. She also said that her mother had a good heart and that she taught her how to be strong and independent.

Death from Colon Cancer

Maureen was diagnosed with colon cancer in the early 2000s. She underwent chemotherapy and surgery but the disease spread to other parts of her body. She moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she received hospice care. She died on December 4, 2008, at the age of 51.

Minka was by her side when she passed away. She said that she forgave her mother for everything and that she was proud of her for fighting until the end. She also said that she missed her mother every day and that she hoped to see her again someday.

Minka paid tribute to her mother on social media on several occasions. She posted photos of them together and wrote heartfelt messages about their bond. She also supported various causes related to cancer awareness and prevention.


Maureen Dumont Kelly was an actress and showgirl who lived a colorful and adventurous life. She was also the mother of Minka Kelly, a successful actress and model who had a difficult relationship with her. Maureen died in 2008 after battling colon cancer for several years. She left behind a legacy of courage and resilience that inspired many people.

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