Matt Damon Crypto Advertisement getting VIRAL all over the Internet, Here’s Why

Matt Damon is an actor who has been in news for almost a month now because of the ad that he did for and the ad was designed in a 3-D manner that tells a story of famous people and how “Fortune Favors the Brave” this particularly line said by him also the ad showed how it is only for people who take risks and is just not for everybody. The ad has been getting backlash and also many people took to Twitter to comment about it.

“Saddest thing about Matt Damon’s macho-baiting crypto pitch where the viewer must ACT NOW or he’s a weak pussy is that this is a top 3 classic pitch all financial schemes have used to goad men into forking over their paltry savings,” tweeted journalist Adam H. Johnson. “Nothing has changed in 150 years.” and many people tweeted about the ad too. you can see about it here.

It has been over a month since his ad was released and the internet is still making fun of his what he did for This is not the first time that he has been made fun of for something he did.

Let’s take a look at his past where he has been made fun of

In 2015 for his movie The Martian he made comments that he didn’t want the director to consider recruiting based on diversity and instead of merit. Though his film was successful and included lots of famous actors and talent that have worked for the film. This comment soon took to all over media and he got trolled over this too.

Matt Damon is loved by the internet just for trolling purposes

Now coming to his second thing when Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual misconduct with many stars and also at that time #MeToo movement became popular all over the world and many celebrities came forward to speak against Harvey Weinstein and he treats people. Among those people was Gwyneth Paltrow. Who was mistreated by Harvey Weinstein and that Matt Damon was one of the few people that said he already knew about Harvey Weinstein and how he treated Gwyneth Paltrow.

Then again Matt Damon was targeted again for doing the stupidest thing and he was treated badly because of it on the internet. In the light of these moments and his most recent F-word scandal, Damon has had a hard time shedding the “straight, white dude from Massachusetts” persona that has made him such an obvious figure to deride during the Trump era, and maybe the worst person to convert non-believers to crypto.

You can see the Advertisement here

As of 2022 things are not going well for Matt Damon and also soon he might be facing more backlashes on his as they are immoral by someone who doesn’t even know first of all what crypto is and just ant to bag all the money whoever pays them a big amount for the big ad.


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