Marvel’s last Non-MCU series Modok Canceled on Hulu after Just one Season

Marvel is one of the most trendy entertainment franchises. There are many Marvel series many series are connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe and many are not. One of the non-MCU series is Hulu’s M.O.D.O.K, whose first season premiered on Hulu last year and brought one of Marvel’s most unusual characters into the limelight. The voice of Modok was given by Pop Oswalt who also did the voice of Pip the troll in Eternals movie of 2021. Now, Hulu canceled the Modok animated show after its first season.

Hulu is an American subscription streaming service majority which is owned by Walt Disney Company. Hulu has announced that the Marvel animated show Modok is canceled after only one season of streaming service. The Modok show consists of 10 episodes of the defunct television division which was run by Jeph Loeb, which has now been taken over by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Why did Hulu cancel Modok after its first season?

Hulu is giving farewell to another Marvel property that is Modok. Just one season of Modok was streamed on Hulu. Hulu has struggled to find success with its Marvel properties. The live-action series of Helstrom was canceled after one season firstly and then they didn’t move forward with the planned animated series Howard the Duck and Tigra and Dazzler. Hulu was running the two shows Hit Monkey and Modok. Now Modok season 2 will not appear on Hulu anymore as it is canceled. All the projects originated from Marvel Television, now it is moved to Marvel Studios.

About Modok animated series

Modok voiced by Pop Oswalt a supervillain struggling to balance his company and family. The series brought plenty of laughs along with some fun to classic heroes and villains within the Marvel universe. This animated series is directed by Eric Towner and Alex Kramer.

The Cast of MODOK

  • Pop Oswalt as Modok.
  • Melissa Fumero as Melissa.
  • Ben Schwartz as Lou.
  • Amiee Garcia as Jodie.
  • Bill Hader as Samuel Sterns.
  • Jon Hamm as Iron Man.
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey as Monica Rappaccini.
  • Nathan Fillion as Wonder Man.
  • Meredith Salenger as Madame Masque.
  • Jon Daly as Super-Adaptoid.
  • Jonathan Kite as Tatterdemallion.
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Marian Pouncy.
  • Zara Mizrahi as Carmilla Rappaccini.

About M.O.D.O.K in Marvel comics

George Tarleton a.k.a M.O.D.O.K(Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing) formerly he was known as M.O.D.O.C (Mental Organism Designed Only For Computing) was a technician who works for A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics). He was mutated into the human-computer by Scientist Supreme. They grew his brain to give him superhuman strength, but the side-effect of a massive cranium was too much for his frail body, meaning that he needed life support to live alive, so he made his Doomsday Chair. This process gave him psychic powers and this makes him a great Marvel supervillain.

Many fans liked the first season of Modok as it good funny animated series. But for many years Hulu has didn’t find success from its Marvel properties as they first didn’t move forward with Howard the Duck and Tigra and Dazzler. Hulu put forward the shows like Modok and Hit-Monkey. But, now they are canceling one of the last Non-MCU marvel shows ‘Modok.’

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