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At the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige announced a plethora of upcoming projects and showed some trailers and previews of the then-unreleased movies and series. Feige also went on to announce the name of the new saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is the Multiverse Saga. He also announced some of the movies and series of the upcoming phase 5 and phase 6 as well. Although the entirety of phase 5 was announced, only three phase 6 movies were announced with most of the slate left empty for fans to speculate about and to be announced in some future event.

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Marvel Phase 6 movies that we know of

The three movies that were announced as a part of MCU’s phase 6 were Fantastic Four, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars. Fantastic Four is going to kick off Phase 6 in February 2025. It is one of the most anticipated movies as this is going to be the first time that the Fantastic Four family is going to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The next movies which were announced were two Avengers movies, the first one in May 2025 titled Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and the second one just six months apart in November 2025 titled Avengers: Secret Wars. However, it was later postponed to May 2026.

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Other Marvel movies that might release in 2025

There are so many Marvel movies that fans anticipate to be released in 2025 other than the two which are already confirmed. But, if we look carefully, the most movies Marvel Studios releases in a year is four. So there are only two spots left for other movies that fans anticipate. Of course, there are many Marvel movies that fans think might release in 2025. So here we have made a list of all the potential Marvel movies that might release in 2025 alongside the already confirmed ones.

  1. Shang-Chi 2

    Shang-Chi: And the Legends of the Ten Rings was one of the best Marvel phase 4 movies and a great origin movie for a lesser-known character. But you can’t say that now as he is one of the most popular and important characters in the Multiverse saga since his ten rings seem to have a link with the big bad of this saga, Kang The Conqueror. Not only this, the director of Shang-Chi: And the Legends of the Ten Rings is also given the responsibility to direct Avengers: The Kang Dynasty which also brings fans to the conclusion that Shang-Chi is a very important character for the Multiverse Saga. And this is why fans think that Shang-Chi 2 might one the Marvel movies that might release in 2025.

  2. Doctor Strange 3

    Doctor Strange 3 Release Date might get announced at D23 Expo; Rumors Explained
    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a great movie but the huge expectations from the fans led to an underwhelming experience. However it is the highest grossing Marvel movie of 2022. At the end of Doctor Strange 2 we were introduced to Clea played by the beautiful Charlize Theron and she took Doctor Strange back into the Dark Dimention where he caused an incursion most probably in the first Doctor Strange movie. This lead Doctor Strange to leave Earth unprotected and since Iron Man is no more, Captain America has retired, Thor is fighting crime in space while raising Gorr’s daughter Love and Captain Marvel also as usual dealing with her own problems somewhere in space. The only heroes with some experience are Hulk and Hawkeye. Well, Spider-Man, Shuri, Sam Wilson’s Captain America and some others are also kinda there and as we all know Ant-Man and the Wasp are going to get sucked into the quantum realm where he will have to fight Kang without much support from the other superheroes. It seems like a perfect situation for Kang to Attack Earth with no big heroes to stop him. But if somehow Doctor Strange arrives gaining some unknown knowledge from fixing the incursion in the dark dimension and saves earth, it would be a hell of a story. Although it is less likely, but fans still think that Doctor Strange 3 might be a potential Marvel movie for 2025.

  3. Thor 5

    We know that Thor: Love and Thunder was a wasted opportunity and it made a joke out of every character more or less, but it has also set up a lot of things for the future of MCU. Among them, we have witnessed the asgardian afterlife, aka Valhalla. We saw one of the primordial entities, Eternity, who literally reincarnated herself as Gorr’s daughter Love. We also got introduced to the Olympian gods, like Zeus and Hercules, and fans can’t wait to watch Thor and Hercules fight each other. The Thor actor Chris Hemsworth also wants to be in another solo movie which will have a serious tone and high stakes and will be a proper closure to his arc in the MCU. Many fans think that it is very necessary to end Thor’s arc with a proper portrayal of his character and think his version in Infinity war was the best portrayal of the god of thunder and want to see him exceed that benchmark. However, it is least likely for another solo Thor movie before Avengers: Secret Wars, but we don’t know anything for sure and only time will tell.

  4. Eternals 2

    Eternals 2 announcement rumored to happen at the D23 Expo
    Eternals was a grand movie with an amazing group of cast, like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Kit Harrington and many more. However since there were so many characters to be introduced and so limited time, some fans were underwhelmed but it was a very large scale movie. We came to see huge characters like the Celestials and new characters like the Black Knight and Blade who just had a voice cameo were teased. Apart from that in the post credits we saw Eros who is the brother of Thanos and an eternal. However it is yet to be seen how the story of Eternals connect with the greater MCU and we think that answer lies in Eternals 2 and given the time which would have passed till 2025 since the first movie, it is very likely that it might be a part of the Marvel movies 2025.

  5. Spider-Man 4

    Spider-Man 4 is beginning of another Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU. And after the events of Spider-Man; No Way Home, everyone has forgotten who Peter Parker is although Spider-Man is still there but every has forgotten everything about Peter Parker. Spider-Man will have to start afresh as a street level crime fighting superhero and go back to being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man again. But the knowledge and experience he has gained while working with the Avengers and fighting Thanos is still there with him and he might be a huge addition to the Avengers team in the two upcoming Avengers movies. Since the last Spider-Man movie released in 2021, it is quite possible that Spider-Man 4 might land in the theatres in late 2025.


All the five movies mentioned have to potential to be a part of the MCU slate in 2025. However, since there are only two vacant slots so only two of the five movies will be released. Although there might be some other Marrvel movie that releases in 2025 other than the five mentioned above so is it yet to be seen and only time will tell us. But this is our take of what movies Marvel might release in 2025 other than Fantastic Four and Avenger: The Kang Dynasty. Stay tune to Doms2Cents for more such exciting news, updates, rumors and fan theories.


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