Mark Ruffalo Hints at Solo Hulk Movie in Pre-Production with Deadpool 3 Director Shawn Levy at Helm

Marvel’s Phase 4 has begun. Currently, fans are looking forward to Deadpool 3. Fans are really excited to witness the upcoming Marvel movies and series. Amid all these, we are also hearing about a Hulk project! Mark Ruffalo is ready for some action and drama. Deadpool 3 is just around the corner. Some even think Hulk might appear in Deadpool 3. The rumors are endless. But what is the actual truth here? A recent tweet by Shawn Levy is firing the rumors out there. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Marvel Phase 4 Holds A Bunch Of Surprises For You! Are You Excited To Unfold Them?

Marvel Phase 4 has begun. The stage is set for some action and drama. We are excited to witness the new Moon Knight series. It is set to release on 30 March 2022. Marvel has brought back the superhero. We are also waiting for Deadpool 3. We can’t wait to see the final part of the Deadpool series. After a prolonged wait, finally, Marvel is working on the threequel. That’s not all, we are also looking for Spider-Man 4. Amid all these new projects, we are also hearing about Hulk! The green superhero is ready for some clash. We might see another solo movie based on Hulk! Get ready to witness the best of the Avengers. Marvel Cinematic Universe holds a bunch of surprises for you. Watch out, as our Avengers and supervillains are ready for some cool action and theatrical drama scenes.

Hulk And Deadpool Are Just Around The Corner! Is Mark Ruffalo Ready For A Solo Hulk Movie?

The whole internet is bombarded with these two particular questions. Looks like the director, Shawn Levy is planning something crazy for Hulk. Get ready to witness a different side of Hulk. All eyes are currently glued to Mark Ruffalo. As per our inner sources, we might see Hulk in Deadpool 3. They might do a crossover for the two giant superheroes. The Marvel world is expanding. Chaos is set everywhere. The Hulk project is surely a mystery to us. So far, Mark is silent on the rumors out there. But we are hoping to hear from the star really soon. Coming back to Deadpool 3, the movie is supposed to hit the theatres really soon. The official release date for the movie is still not out. Let’s hope we hear the official release date soon.

Moreover, we have recently witnessed Shawn, Ryan, and Mark in the Adam Project. The trio has done a really good job. We might witness them again! Nothing can be said with surety right now. Are they planning another movie together? Are we getting another Hulk movie? A solo movie on Hulk would work wonders for Marvel Studios. After all, the audience would love to see some thrilling drama scenes and giant loaded action from Mark Ruffalo. Well, we will surely update you about this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting movies and shows, stay connected with us, just right here.

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