Manifest Season 5 Release Date: Is it Renewed or Canceled?

On November 4, 2022, Netflix released the first episode of Manifest season 4, and considering the show’s past, people are already worried about its future. If you’ve watched the first episode of season 4 of Manifest, you already know how perplexed the audience is. Fans have been wondering if certain decisions would be reviewed in the future like they were in the past because there are so many unanswered questions. In this article, we shall discuss, Manifest Season 5 and its renewal situation.

We do understand that there will be a Season 4 part 2 with the final 10 episodes, which may provide the answers and lift the confusion. For those who are unaware, Netflix’s final order for Manifest is season 4, which will supposedly have 20 episodes. Part 2 won’t be published until 2023, while Part 1 was released on November 4. The exact date of release has not yet been announced. For those who are unfamiliar, the following is Manifest’s official synopsis, courtesy of IMDb:

“Five years after going missing, an unexpected commercial aircraft turns up. As those on board adjust to society, they start to hear guiding voices and see visions of future events, and soon a deeper mystery starts to take shape.”

Manifest Season 5

Will There Be Season 5 of Manifest?

We cannot predict the future of the program with certainty given Netflix’s and Manifest’s respective histories. But as of right now, Manifest has been given a fourth, and reportedly final, season of renewal. You may consider Lucifer, which was given a final season renewal only to receive a second season renewal; nevertheless, Netflix Life estimates that the likelihood of Manifest receiving a second season renewal is slim.

Originally, the six seasons were supposed to be used to tell the tale that the show’s creator, Jeff Rake, had in mind. His original plan, however, was undoubtedly altered when NBC canceled the show and Netflix picked up the fourth season, which would end the show. Rake shortened the story as a result, telling it as it actually happened while maintaining its integrity. Therefore, Manifest Season 5 won’t happen in either case since the season is already a shortened version of the whole.

Release Date of Manifest Season 5

A release date for Manifest Season 5 is not yet known because, as was already said, there has been no official update. Given how unlikely it is that Manifest Season 5 will occur, we won’t be making any predictions.

The journey so far in the Manifest web series

When NBC broadcast the takeoff of Flight 828 in the pilot episode of Manifest, the adventure of the show began. The sitcom was successful in establishing traction with viewers, finishing that season as NBC’s 9th-highest viewed show. NBC ultimately decided to commission a second and third season, but sadly, the audience steadily declined. After the third season finale of Manifest, NBC was forced to discontinue the program because it was not garnering the favorable reviews that were anticipated. On June 10, 2021, Warner Brothers Television licensed seasons 1-2 to Netflix in an effort to give the program one final shot.

We all know what will happen to the show now that the Manifest seasons have arrived on Netflix. It was listed among the top 10 shows on Netflix, therefore the program merited a second shot. A contract for a massive final season of Manifest was signed on August 28, 2021. Given that most cast contracts had already expired at that point, Netflix made sure they secured the global rights and that the main cast would return as part of the agreement.

Reason for Cancellation of Manifest Season 5

Remember when Manifest had three seasons on NBC before being unexpectedly canceled, leaving fans with a massive cliffhanger? However, the show’s popularity skyrocketed after it was introduced to Netflix, and the streaming behemoth opted to order a fourth and final season. The TV gods must have been at work here. Given (a) how well-liked the show’s first three seasons were when they were added on Netflix and (b) the fact that the show’s creators initially intended for six seasons, Netflix never provided a detailed explanation for their decision to just renew the series for one more season. This is a case for the FBI, to paraphrase our Lord and Savior Kris Jenner! 10 of the 20 episodes from season 4’s first half were made available to viewers on Netflix on November 4. I suppose we should just be thankful for what we’re getting since this Manifest season is the longest ever.

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