Lucifer Season 7: Why was the series canceled after 6 seasons?

We are here to talk about the famous show Lucifer as the fans are talking about Lucifer Season 7 as the fans are in confusion whether there would be more to cover in the title. Lucifer took a big spot in the TV show industry with the popularity and attention it gained over the time and mentioning the part that the show soon became the fan favourite on the screens whereas it also kept growing for many further seasons ahead at the time.

Lucifer gained a huge following in the course of six seasons and though the fans could not get enough of the show over the time and thus the show was loved by many at the time. Also to mention the part that Lucifer was cancelled from Fox after three seasons whereas Netflix opted the series for the fourth season as there were big expectations which were put forward from the show.

Lucifer Season 7

Season 7 has been canceled and the audience is getting furious about it

Netflix on the other hand had big plans for Lucifer and though it was not letting the show down at any time whereas to mention that that streaming platform offered some of the big seasons over the time which the fans loved to cover. The sixth season of the show properly put a closure with the devil’s adventurous narrative coming to the conclusion point and the storyline was not left over with sights that could have probably followed Lucifer Season 7.

The big disappointment came through from the authorities stating that Lucifer Season 7 won’t be arriving forward with another season at the time and everyone was surprised at the time to why the situation led forward with this. The show Lucifer has not been renewed for another seventh season and that basically means that the story concluded over as the sixth season being the finale season at the time.

There has also been word out that the show Lucifer at first was supposed to wrap up the story in five seasons and that would have been the finale season but the creators of the show changed their minds on the planning of the show and figured the part that it was for the better if the show would be continuing over for another season. The show was then renewed for the sixth season at the time and that was basically for the betterment of the story and to give a proper closure to what everyone has been expecting from it.

The show was then renewed over for the sixth season and it consisted a total of 10 episodes over the time and it also allowed to give each and every character a proper send-off and thus this was the part which the fans loved to cover at the time.

The fans on the other hand are expecting the show to make a big return and though there is word that Lucifer Season 7 could be making the surprise announcement and this is what everyone has been waiting for at the time but the Twitter account of the show also revealed the part that the sixth season of the show would be coming forward with it’s final episode and thus it was cleared at the time.

Season 7 was in talks among the fans but it won’t be happening afterall

The main question is rising from the fans as to what was the reason as why the show was canceled after six seasons straight and thus to mention the part that it has totally dependant on the creators. Moreover to mention that the creators have shared the word that this was probably the best manner to give the closure to the story and it is for the better for the story to not disturb it and let it be.

It is yet to see what the authorities will be dropping big information and updates about Lucifer Season 7 but it stays cancelled at the time but the fans are not letting down the big hopes about the show and they beleive that there could be an announcement on the spin-off title but it is yet to see what will lead at the time.

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