Lucifer Season 7 Renewal Update and Cancellation Rumors Explained

We are here to drop a big update regarding Lucifer Season 7 and the question is currently rising among the fans to whether there would even be a next season or not.

Lucifer is regarded as one of the most acclaimed shows of Netflix as the show has also recieved over a great response from the audience for the storyline it came forward with. Mentioning the fact that the show is still running strong at the period of time. The show has come forward with a total of six seasons at the period of time and has also gotten a good response on them.

The fans have been eager to cover if the show has more storyline to represent in the period of time and whether there would be more of the Lucifer in the future times. The big question stands at the point to whether the fans of Lucifer may have to bid farewell the show afterall.


Lucifer is the favorite to return with a new season at the time

Moreover to mention the part that the show was cancelled over for another season after three seasons and Fox made cancellation to this part whereas to mention that the strong response and all the attention which it gained over the time made it possible for the show to return afterall.

The authorities of Netflix then decided to take up the project again for the new season and though Lucifer made it’s way for yet another fourth season at the time and though it caught up once again with the big story which kept connecting the dots over the time and hence making the show even more interesting to watch in the period of time.

Although to mention that this period was out for short and two more seasons were also given to the franchise and that led to the big stage of the show. Also to mention the part that the authorities of the show has not renewed Lucifer for another season at the time which clearly means that there won’t be a Lucifer Season 7.



The show has no doubt reached a big mark of milestones with the popularity and the attention thing and it does not have to prove anything at the period of time and thus it is believed by many fans that the previous season of the show went out to make a good closure over the time with the story and this should be left untouched for the good.

Some of the fans have also been expecting that the show might arrive with the big announcement about Lucifer Season 7 soon and though it is yet to see if the show would really return at the time with another season and may move forward to surprise all the fans with the news as nothing could be said for this time as the authorities might move ahead to make a big move at the time too.

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