Lucifer Season 7 Release Date: Will the series be revived by Netflix?

We are back with your beloved Netflix drama series, the best of the best, Lucifer! The show has a huge fanbase out there. We haven’t heard much about Lucifer Season 7 but fans are curiously eyeing the renewal of the series. The consistent storyline of the series has won a ton of hearts out there. We cannot deny the fact that the show has been incredibly popular out there. So far, we have binged on six seasons of the show, but hey there, what about season 7? Is Lucifer season 7 finally released on Netflix? Is the show renewed for another season? Are the rumors true? There is a bunch of confusion out there regarding the renewal status of the show. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Lucifer Season 7

Do We Have A Release Date For Lucifer Season 7? 

Lucifer season 6 was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions. The lockdown has been pretty difficult for the entertainment industry. The highly popular Netflix show, Lucifer is running on a delayed period. Lucifer season 6 was released last year. Ever since we saw the last episode of Lucifer season 6, fans have been asking us about the renewal status of the series. The show is not renewed yet. Sadly, Netflix has not shown the green light to Lucifer Season 7. Thus, as of now, we don’t have any concrete or estimated release date for Lucifer season 7.

The co-showrunner of Lucifer was recently captured in an exclusive interview. Nothing can be said with surety! The show might not come up with season 7. The co-showrunner of Lucifer, Joe Henderson has already given his final statements on Lucifer season 6. They would love to continue the show. But guess what, the story of Lucifer has been completed. Believe it or not, we have already seen the ending of Lucifer season 7. The first season of the show aired back in January 2016, while the last season premiered recently on Netflix, particularly, in September 2021. The show might not go for another run. But hey there, you can always re-watch all the episodes of Lucifer, exclusively just on Netflix.

Netflix Has Cancelled Lucifer- The Real Reason Behind The Cancellation Of The Series Is Here!

Netflix initially canceled the fifth instalment of the show. But then the giant online streaming platform changed its decision and showed the green light to Lucifer season 6. Netflix revived the program for another exciting season! But it also stated the future of Lucifer. Season 6 is labeled as the last and final season of the series. Lucifer season 6 had a total of ten episodes. They wanted to give a clear ending to the show and they delivered exactly what they promised to us. Initially, we heard that Netflix was planning to make a film around the series, but nothing has been confirmed yet! The franchise has gained huge popularity out there. The show can be renewed by another network as well. There is clearly a ray of hope left for Lucifer season 7.

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This is not the first time that Netflix has canceled Lucifer. The third installment of the show was released back in 2018, the show was canceled in the same year. But as soon as Netflix canceled the series, the audience took over Twitter. Intense demand for Lucifer season 4 at last, forced Netflix to bring back the series for another run. A bunch of hashtags around Lucifer went viral on Twitter. The constant tweets brought back Lucifer to Netflix. Lucifer seasons 4, 5, and 6 have impressed us a lot. The same thing can happen again.

There is still a bit of hope left for Lucifer Season 7. The show might appear again on Netflix. But only you can make it possible. Last time the audience played a very important role here. The intense tweets and demand for Lucifer brought back the popular thriller series on Netflix. The future of Lucifer season 7 directly depends upon the response of the audience. The show ended with some loopholes! Moreover, a new story can always be created for Lucifer season 7. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to know the latest updates on exciting movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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