Lucifer Season 7: Is Tom Ellis Returning with Lauren German with Another Season?

We are back with your favorite drama series, Lucifer! So far, we have witnessed only 6 seasons of the show and we cannot wait to learn more about our favorite Netflix character, Lucifer! Currently, all eyes are stuck on Lucifer season 7. Over the years, the Netflix series has developed a huge fan base out there. Lucifer season 7 is in high talk. We cannot wait to unfold the story of the seventh season of Lucifer. As of now, we don’t have many updates on season 7, but we might have something really interesting for you. So let’s not delay any further and quickly jump into the main conversation of the day.

Lucifer Season 7

When Will Lucifer Season 7 Release? Is The Show Renewed? 

This happens to be the most asked question out there! We can’t wait to hear the renewal announcement of Lucifer. A brand new story is waiting for us! Some new challenges are waiting for Lucifer! As of now, we don’t have any concrete release date for season 7. Sadly the makers of the show are absolutely silent on the question out there. But as per our estimations, Lucifer season 7 might roll out next year! 

Yes, you heard it right, as per the time schedule of the popular Netflix show, you can expect to see Lucifer season 7 by the beginning of 2023. Moreover, there are a bunch of speculations out there that say Season 7 might be the final season of the series! But there are also many assumptions out there that say the show might return with a spin-off series. The tumors are surely endless. As of now, neither the makers nor Netflix has addressed the rumors out there. If you are a fan of detective series, then you will surely love the show! Do binge on all the seasons of Lucifer, exclusively just on Netflix.

Meet The Cast Of The Show! 

Your favorite fantasy television series is heading towards its seventh season! Tom Kapinos is the main man behind this exclusive Netflix series! Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B Woodside, and Scarlett Estevez are ready to make a comeback for Lucifer season 7! Along with these renowned celebrities, we also have Racheal Harris, Kevin Rankin, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia, and Inbar Lavi on the cast line-up. Moreover, we are also expecting to see some new faces in the upcoming season 7. As we already mentioned above, nothing has been confirmed yet, thus this is not the final cast of season 7. 

What Is The Storyline Of Season 7? 

I know you all are looking for some juicy spoilers on Lucifer season 7! But as of now, we don’t have much information on season 7. The series explores the story of Lucifer, who happens to be an angel from heaven! Currently, he has become the main lord of hell! He is ready to punish the sinners. All this time, he has been highly bored and unsatisfied with his life, but things were about to change for him! His life changed forever when he abducts the throne of God.

Eventually, Lucifer moves to LA. But little did he know, that things are going to turn upside down for him! He ends up in a murder case. He must prove himself innocent. He needs to find the main culprit! In the previous six seasons of the show, we saw how Lucifer dives into different situations to get himself out of this particular murder mystery. A lot is about to happen in Lucifer season 7. A bunch of twists and turns are waiting for us. The story is about to get even more twisted. 

The storyline of Lucifer season 7 is still kept under cover! But we are expecting to hear from Netflix really soon. If this is the last season of the show, then we will surely solve the murder mystery in season 7. We cannot wait to see the continuation of the mystery tale. Lucifer is all set and ready for the final chapter of the series! The audience is highly curious and excited to watch the upcoming season 7. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting Netflix movies and shows, stay connected with us, just right here.

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