Love Victor Season 3 Release Date, Rumors and Where to Watch

Since Love Simon took LGBT teen romance to next level, they found that bringing this level of teen romance with loads of diversity was a necessity on streaming services in the form of Love Victor, which was released in June 2020 after much drama between several streaming services. The second season was renewed quite quickly, which was followed by its release on June 11, 2021, after which Love Victor Season 3 was confirmed, with the fans awaiting its release on June 15 on Hulu and DIsney+.

Love Victor Season 3

Love Victor Season 3 Storyline

Love Victor can be considered as a continuation of the movie Love Simon, where the main character of the show, Victor (Played by Michael Cimino) attends the same school as the main character of the movie, Simon (Played by Nick Robinson), and has the same creators as the movie, Issac Aptaker, and Elizabeth Berger. The show also follows the same storyline as the movie, with the supporting cast having stories of their own, explored in the following episodes. The topics covered by the show include LGBTQ+ romance, coming out, family acceptance, and friendships.

The first season follows Victor and his struggles as a closeted gay teenage boy at Creekwood High, getting into a relationship with Mia (Rachel Hilson) while simultaneously having a crush on Benji (Played by George Sear). It also focuses on his extremely catholic and Cuban family, who is portrayed as not so comfortable with the LGBTQ+ community just yet while his parents are also dealing with the idea of separation and infidelity.

The second season takes off where season one left. It’s prom night and the Salazar house has many predicaments to deal with. One being victor’s coming out to his family and the second, being the parents deciding to separate until they can figure out how to proceed as a family. The crush on Benji evolves into a relationship and victor manages to mend his friendship with mia with the passage of time. However, with the introduction of Rahim, tension brews between Benji and Victor. The rest of the show explores this dynamic between these three characters along with friendships, new crushes, and even parents’ acceptance. The second season ends with Victor ringing the bell of either Benji or Rahim’s house. This detail has left the fans at the edge of their seats and wanting more from the show. With the upcoming Love Victor Season 3, we can hope to resolve this question, and explore Pilar (Victor’s sister) and Felix’s (victor’s best friend) relationship, Lake’s (Mia’s Friend) and Lucy’s (Benji’s friend) relationship, and further on. The release of Love Victor Season 3 on June 15 will answer the questions that the fans require and as the trailer is displayed, we may even see new characters. 

Where to Watch Love Victor Season 3

Disney+ has been notoriously famous for not carrying forward projects with LGBTQ+ themes for which they have encountered multiple criticisms. When Disney+ dropped the show amid production, Hulu swooped in and took forward the project without any hassle. This was highly appreciated as many fans were looking forward to the show under the Disney+ banner. The move between the streaming services piqued the interests of the fans and eventually lead to the Love Victor Season 2 and Love Victor Season 3 renewal.

Month of Pride

Another interesting aspect of the show the release dates of all the seasons is famous during Pride Month, honoring the past, present, and future of the LGBTQ+ community. Having a Cuban American portray an LGBTQ+ character is fundamental to the present society as it can help many individuals belonging to communities of color to explore and accept their sexuality and if necessary, come out to their families as well. The LGBTQ+ community has always been under microscopic investigation by different institutions and establishments in society. Shows which embrace different reactions to coming out, religious aspects of coming out, and acceptance of one’s own sexuality can help the upcoming generations and also provide healing to elder queers who have faced persecution for their sexuality. 

Love Victor Season 3 is also the final season of the show which many fans have claimed to be a good thing as it is better to end on a better note than to drag on the show with unnecessary plotlines. The show will stream on both Hulu and Disney+.

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