Love is Blind Japan Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED By Netflix?

The real-time dating show of Netflix ‘Love is Blind Japan’ is a popular series amongst the audience from all over the world. Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya are the two hosts of the show. Here optimistic singles join the show in order to find a perfect partner for them and to fall in love without seeing the person in the opposite for the first time. It adheres to the almost flawless format of the original version. The show focuses on the challenges a couple must face in the real world and the couples who attend the show must overcome it in order to have a healthy relationship, making them as global as possible. So now that the first installment of this fascinating Japanese series has been released on the online streaming platform, (and received some good reviews), let’s see what the show might offer in Love is Blind Japan Season 2.

Love is Blind Japan Season 2.

Expected Release Date for Love is Blind Japan Season 2

The first installment of Love is Blind Japan was debuted on Netflix on 8th February of this year. The show consisted of 11 episodes and each episode has an average watch time of 48 minutes. The first five episodes were aired in one go on the date that is mentioned above. The next four episodes were aired on 15th February. the last two episodes drew the conclusion of this journey of love on 22nd February.

Coming to the release date of Love is Blind Japan Season 2, the streaming giant has not made any kind of official announcement regarding the release of its production. Considering the fact that the other versions of the show (Like Brazilian or American) have garnered quite a lot of popularity from all around the globe, there is a huge possibility that the show will be renewed by Netflix. As we all know that the production work for the first season started in the 1st quarter of 2021. So, it took nearly 1 year to finish up everything. So, if everything remains as it is now, we can expect that Love is Blind Japan Season 2 will be renewed by the streaming giant within 2-3 months and we will be seeing its release within the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Expected Cast of Love is Blind Japan Season 2

As it is a reality-based dating show, we will not be seeing any of the couples returning in the upcoming Love is Blind Japan Season 2. We saw 16 individuals divided into 8 different groups which were the point of attraction in the last season. which means nobody among Ryotaro, Motomi, Wataru, Midori, Odacchi, Nanako, Yudai, Nana, Mori, Minami, Mizuki, Priya, Misaki, Kaoru, Shuntaro, or Ayano will be appearing in the new season. but the hosts of the show, actor, comedian, and singer Takashi Fujii and actress and caster Yuka Itaya will most probably recur their roles as hosts.

What Can It Be About?

If revived, Love is Blind Japan season 2 will follow the standard format and invite a bunch of marriage-ready singles to meet, mingle, date, and maybe even get engaged through a wall. The participants will get ten days to get to know one another in these “pods” before making their final decision, following which the paired ones will be whisked away on a romantic vacation.

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