Locke and Key Season 3 Release Date, Renewal Status and Watch Online

The perfect combination of drama, horror, and fantasy, Locke and Key, which was released by Netflix in 2020 amazed and dazed the audience, critics, and watchers in the same way. Locke and Key might have taken a while for searching for the right streaming platform. It went from the adaptation of a film to getting bought as a series at Fox and Hulu prior to settling at Netflix. In this article, we shall discuss Locke and Key Season 3.

Locke and Key are based on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s famous comic books. After struggling a lot in search of a Streaming platform, it finally landed at Netflix and easily managed in becoming a certified hit on the streaming platform.

It has now been released for 2 seasons. The first season aired on Netflix on February 7, 2020 and became a massive hit and then very soon, the second season was released on October 22, 2021 and again it won many hearts. Now thankfully, it has been renewed for a Season 3 and will be hitting the Streaming service super soon.

Locke and Key Season 3

Plot Briefing of Locke and Key Season 1 & 2

The story of Locke and Key follows the Locke family which contains Three Locke siblings and their mother after their father has been mysteriously murdered under certain circumstances by someone. After their father’s tragic murder, they all move to their ancestral house; Keyhouse.

In their ancestral house, they come through several unusual elements. They find it full of magical keys and they figure out that those keys might be related to their father’s death. The Locke siblings discover and explore different keys and their supernatural, unique powers. But this leads to the awakening of a Mysterious Demon.

The mysterious demon stops at nothing before stealing them. The family experiences paranormal activities in their house. The series made by the showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill unfolds everything that the binge-watch-worthy, coming-of-age paranormal mystery drama are constructed of.

Season 2 of the series was concluded with an episode that was accurately and befittingly titled “Cliffhanger”. The Locke family was left with even more darkness, suspense, and mystery coming down and looming in their eerie town of Matheson, Massachusetts.

Expected Plot of Season 3

Although several secrets and mysteries have been uncovered in the two seasons of the series by the family, there are yet many things we are looking forward to discovering in the Keyhouse. The conclusion of Season 2 has also left us on the edges of our seats.

By the looks of the end of Season 2, we must assume that the Lockes will be facing huge threats locked in the house. The series is for sure going to be action-packed. Meredith Averill in an interview with Collider stated:

“The third season focuses much more heavily on the family. They are gonna face the greatest threat they’ve had to face yet. That really bonds them in a way that we’ve never seen before.”

Although the statement didn’t give too much information we can be sure that this season is also going to be as thrilling as the previous two. The end of Season 2 also teased the threat of Captain Frederick Gideon. So everybody is expecting him to be a bigger adversary than Dodge in Locke and Key Season 3.

We can also expect the family dynamics to be shifting and evolving a little bit in the coming season. This is especially because Nina made use of the Memory Key for restoring her lost memories in the second season. That could give out some major repercussions.

Also, Tyler did the exact opposite. He was still reeling from the death of Jackie Veda and is approaching his 18th birthday. So it is being assumed that he might lose the potential to do magic.

Locke and Key Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Locke and Key is dropping very shortly on Netflix. The date of release has been officially announced by Netflix. Locke and Key Season 3 will be dropping on 10th August, 2022.

The trailer for the third season was released on 6th June 2022 as a part of the Geeked Week on Netflix.

Will there be Locke and Key Season 4?

The creators made it clear that they will only be producing 3 seasons for the series. This doesn’t mean that the fourth season was canceled. It was a plan of the makers from the beginning that the Third Season will be the Final Season of Locke and Key.

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