Little Hank Dalton Cause of Death: How the Micro Wrestler Died at 41

Little Hank Dalton, also known as Cowboy Hank, was a beloved and humorous wrestler in the Micro Wrestling Federation and Micro Wrestling All-Stars circuit. He passed away at the age of 41 at his home, leaving behind a legacy cherished by many. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Little Hank Dalton, as well as the possible cause of his death.

Early Life and Training

Little Hank Dalton was born as Steven McGregor on November 22, 1980. He began training as a professional wrestler at the age of 12 at the former RC Cola facility in Central City, Kentucky, under the direction of Shelby and Barbara Adcock, who worked for the T-State Indiana Wrestling Association. He later completed his training under Randy Conrad, who promoted matches under the Coalfield Wrestling Alliance banner in Clay, Kentucky.

Debut and Gimmicks

In June 1997, Little Hank made his professional debut as “Ironman” Steve Seigers / Siggers in a mixed-gender match against Candi Devine in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He managed to balance a demanding wrestling schedule outside the ring by working as a carpenter with his father, followed by a career as a semi-truck driver.

He adopted various gimmicks throughout his career, such as playing a midget mob boss from New York with a bodyguard named Mr. Corelone, claiming to be Bob Seger’s nephew as Silver Bullet Steve Siger, and finally becoming Little Hank Dalton, a cowboy character inspired by Hank Williams Jr. and Patrick Swayze’s role in Road House.

Micro Wrestling Career

Little Hank Dalton was a veteran of the Micro Wrestling Federation and Micro Wrestling All-Stars circuit, where he entertained fans with his charisma and skills. He won several tag team titles with different partners, such as Madman Pondo and Ox Harley. He also faced many opponents, such as Candi Devine, Short Sleeve Sampson, Puppet The Psycho Dwarf, and many more.

He was affectionately called “Shorty” by his friends and colleagues, who praised him for his humor and strength. He was also known for his signature move, the “Shorty Shuffle”, where he would dance around the ring before delivering a stunner to his opponent.

Cause of Death

Little Hank Dalton passed away on November 2, 2022 at his home. The exact cause of death has not been revealed yet, but some sources suggest that he suffered from health issues related to his height and weight. He was reportedly 4 feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds.

His death was mourned by many fans and fellow wrestlers, who shared their condolences and memories on social media. Some of his friends also organized a fundraiser to help cover his funeral expenses.

Little Hank Dalton was a remarkable wrestler who brought joy and excitement to many people. He will be remembered for his talent and personality. Rest in peace, Cowboy Hank.

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