Lisa Bonet wants Amber Heard FIRED from Aquaman 2 for FLIRTING and HITTING on Jason Momoa

Lisa Bonet wants Amber Heard to be away from her husband Jason Momoa. Lisa in past has never publicly or even in an interview has spoken against Amber Heard. She is someone who is known for the standards and sweetheart of Jason Momoa. Even Jason Momoa has been in many interviews and he has always told how much lucky he is to have someone who understands him and is there for him. Right now they have been married for more than 14 years now.

But when it comes to Amber Heard being close to Aquaman Star Jason Momoa his wife has stopped coming to the sets of Aquaman 2 and also from the insider sources she has appealed to make some distance between those two. Since being in a movie and doing their work might require some distance but Amber Heard is going Offset and trying to be close to Jason Momoa and she is hitting as told by the crew member present there.

She is overdoing it and trying her luck with Jason Momoa. said one crew member. But the fact is she is just there till the movie shooting doesn’t wrap up or let’s say until she is fired from the sets. But according to recent news, she is actually might have fired from the sets and the movie is just on the finishing stage so the studio just wants to wrap it as soon as possible.

While Lisa Bonet was there for the first Aquaman premiere and was with Jason Momoa and Amber Heard for their movie promotions but from there on she was not seen much with them together as many also believe that Lisa Bonet realized what kind of person Amber Heard is.


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Let’s Come to Amber Heard past relationships?

She is known to advance her career by being in relationships with people who are very well known in the industry. The biggest prime example of that is her last marriage with Johnny Depp which after their divorce has turned into the biggest hot topic in Hollywood. They both are having current ongoing legal battles and now it is at a point only new things are appearing in the case.

To sum it up it is really bad between them. But Amber Heard has never stopped being in a relationship she is moving on from one person to another person and advancing her career. That means getting more offers for different movies.

What is the Status of the movie Aquaman 2?

While the shooting for the movie is still in production and has already completed major scenes of filming and the studio has also announced when it is releasing also so the date on which it is going to be released is December 16, 2022. There are chances that it might get pushed further because of the Covid-19 Omicron variant but in case that happens the Studio can also think of releasing it later date then or until the situation improves.

Till then you can see the trailer of the first movie here.


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