Lisa Bonet HATES Amber Heard’s GUTS after Seeing Her FLIRTING with Jason Momoa with Filming Aquaman 2

Lisa Bonet hates Amber Heard‘s guts after seeing her flirting with Jason Momoa with filming Aquaman 2.

Lisa Bonet and her husband Jason Momoa’s relationship

Jason Momoa is a popular Hollywood actor due to his great physique as well as his outstanding performances in movies like Dune, See, The Sweet Girl as well as The Red Road. But what highlights his character the most is his eternal relationship with his wife Lisa Bonet. After a millennium of blissful dating, Momoa and Bonet married in October 2017. The couple had kept their relationship so much private that some fans even believe that both the stars married each other, ten years beforehand, that is, in the month of October in the year 2017.  Jason, like everyone else, saw Lisa very firstly on the Cosby Show.

After the wedding, the star couple was viewed together on some shows. They starred together in Jason Momoa’s movie Road to Paloma. Before marrying Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa was in a seven-year-long relationship with Simmone Jade Mackinnon, who is an Australian Heroine. They had planned a Hawaii wedding when everything changed rapidly, possibly since Momoa and Bonet met during that time.

Lisa Bonet doesn’t like Amber Heard filming Aquaman 2 with Jason Momoa

While promoting their superhit film ‘Aquaman 1’, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard came close to each other. Throughout their campaigns, the two were perceived as being extremely sensitive to one another. Lisa Bonet seemed to be uneasy about her husband’s closeness with her co-star, who is the ex-wife of Johnny Depp. As the reports suggest, Jason Momoa’s outgrowing friendship with Amber Heard made Lisa Bonet really worried. Lisa Bonet’s aggravated tension was due to the past history of Amber Heard with her male co-stars. The most notable example is Johnny Depp, whom the actress co-starred in the film “The Rum Diary”.

However, considering the two female stars had earlier been seen conversing in public, and Lisa Bonet never has indicated any hatred towards Amber Heard and Jason Momoa’s fictional romance, this could just be press and the audience assumption. Earlier the two actresses were picturized together in many movies. Nevertheless, no fake news regarding this relationship would be able to destroy the beautiful relationship of Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa.

Filming of the Aquaman franchise

Lovers of the DC Comics series were treated to a love story unlike any other when the Aquaman film was unveiled in 2018. The superhero film features Arthur AKA Aquaman as he commands the nation of Atlantis in a struggle with his half-brother, King Orm, who tries to combine the seven undersea kingdoms in order to ruin the world. Preceding the success of this superhit movie, the whole cast and crew went for a grand party along with Jason and Amber Heard.


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Amber shared photos from the celebration on Instagram, and even one of her and Jason cracking open a vintage of wine while posing funny. In the message, she addressed Jason as her “Aqua Hubby” and expressed her gratitude for the preceding seven months of engaging with him. There were also certain sources that she faced a lot of criticism before filming Aquaman 2. Earlier it was not confirmed whether she would take up her role of Mera or not. But finally, after a much longer wait, she disclosed with an Instagram post that she would be an integral part of the upcoming Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.


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