Letitia Wright’s ANTI-VAX Statement is KILLING MILLIONS of People Worldwide

What Actually Happened?

After releasing a video of the disputed COVID-19 vaccine, Letitia Wright answers to anti-vaxxer charges. After releasing a video challenging the viability of the COVID-19 immunization, Wright stated she didn’t intend to insult anyone. The star became popular through Black Panther and Small Axe. She became a highlight of the news recently when she uploaded a video doubting the safety of vaccines developed for the Corona Virus. The shared video was from a YouTube channel named On the Table where the presenter was shown discussing his fears related to vaccines though it was not factual information.

The broadcaster also appeared to have worries about climate change, accused China of transmitting COVID-19, and made transphobic remarks. Wright took to social media on Twitter with the praying hands emoji, prompting a flurry of replies from several other people on social media concerned about the spread of vaccine disinformation. After the growing controversies, the actress removed this video from her account. She also commented that she had no intentions of suggesting people to avoid taking vaccine but her only intentions were to make public aware of the things which are involved in vaccines.

One of her co- actor’s from Marvel movies Don Cheadle, also weighed in on the topic. Cheadle defended Wright in a now-deleted tweet, but subsequently said he hadn’t viewed the footage and would “take her coat if it’s off.” After viewing the video, he deleted the previous comment and posted another longer comment. Many other stars of Marvel movies came in support of the actress.

Letitia Wright Claims She Has Never Expressed Anti-Vaccine Sentiments

Letitia Wright, on the popular film Black Panther, has denied sharing anti-vaccine beliefs on the set of the sequel. The story was “totally incorrect,” according to the British actress who portrays Shuri in the Marvel movie. In the month of December, the actress faced major criticism due to the video that she uploaded on Twitter. There were also certain  reports that suggest the actress was seen spreading similar views while shooting for The Black Panther.

For those unfamiliar, “antivaxxer” is a composite term for persons who believe in a variety of baseless vaccination hoax theories also known as anti-vaccine. The movement, which garnered considerable popularity over the previous 20 years due to a widely proven scientific scam that erroneously suggested vaccination played a significant role in autism and also combines other misleading claims, has had extremely grave repercussions. Some experts also believe that the come back of major diseases is linked with the growth in number of anti- vaxers. As they misinterpret the vaccine related information and also pass it on to other people due to which people avoid taking vaccines resulting in outbreak of a pandemic.

These conspiracies lead to the death of people. That’s presumably why many of Wright’s supporters were offended when she published a clip trying to persuade people not to get COVID-19 immunizations and then proceeded to support her viewpoint in debates with her fans. After posting this video Letitia faced widespread criticism.


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