Leo and Longevity Cause of Death Reddit: The Mystery Behind the Fitness YouTuber’s Demise

Leo Rex, also known as Leo and Longevity, was a popular fitness YouTuber who had over 100,000 subscribers on his channel. He was known for his controversial views on topics such as performance-enhancing drugs, nootropics, biohacking, and anti-aging. He also collaborated with other well-known figures in the fitness industry, such as Derek from More Plates More Dates and Steve from Vigorous Steve.

However, on February 3, 2023, Leo Rex was found dead in his apartment in Pattaya, Thailand, where he had been living for the past few months. His death shocked and saddened many of his fans and followers, who wondered what had happened to him and why. In this article, we will explore some of the theories and speculations that have emerged on Reddit and other platforms regarding Leo and Longevity cause of death.

Was Leo Rex Murdered?

One of the most prevalent theories that circulated on Reddit was that Leo Rex was murdered by someone who had a motive to harm him. Some Reddit users suggested that Leo’s controversial lifestyle might have made him a target for enemies or rivals. For example, some speculated that he might have been involved in a dispute with Dr. Tony Huge, a notorious figure in the fitness world who promotes extreme experiments with drugs and human enhancement. Dr. Tony Huge had invited Leo to stay with him in Thailand and had allegedly offered him access to his “harem” of women and sex slaves. However, Leo had reportedly rejected Dr. Tony Huge’s offer and had expressed his disgust with his practices.

According to Reddit user Eviljuli, who claimed to be a friend of Leo’s ex-wife Lucie, Leo had threatened to expose Dr. Tony Huge’s illegal activities and had received death threats from him. Eviljuli also claimed that Leo had been beaten up by Dr. Tony Huge’s associates before his death and that there was evidence of foul play at the crime scene. However, these claims have not been verified by any official sources and Dr. Tony Huge has denied any involvement in Leo’s death.

Another possible motive for murder that some Reddit users proposed was that Leo might have owed money to someone or had crossed someone in the drug trade. Leo had admitted to using various substances, such as steroids, peptides, stimulants, psychedelics, and opioids, for enhancing his physique and cognition. He had also claimed to have connections with underground labs and sources for obtaining these drugs. Some Reddit users speculated that he might have been killed by a drug dealer or a rival in the black market.

However, there is no concrete evidence to support these theories either. The Thai police have not identified any suspects or arrests in relation to Leo’s death. The FBI has also been involved in the investigation but has not released any official statements or findings.

Did Leo Rex Overdose or Commit Suicide?

Another theory that some Reddit users put forward was that Leo might have died from an accidental overdose of drugs or a deliberate suicide attempt. Leo had openly talked about his struggles with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and addiction. He had also revealed that he had attempted suicide several times in the past and that he had been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.

Some Reddit users pointed out that Leo had shown signs of mental instability and emotional distress in his last few videos and posts. For example, he had posted a video titled “I’m Sorry” on January 31, 2023, where he apologized to his fans for not being consistent with his content and for disappointing them. He also said that he felt lonely and isolated in Thailand and that he missed his family and friends.

Some Reddit users also noted that Leo had posted a picture of himself holding a gun to his head on his Instagram story on February 2, 2023, the day before he was found dead. The caption read “Goodbye”. This raised suspicions that he might have committed suicide with a firearm or another method.

However, this theory also has some flaws and inconsistencies. According to the authorities, Leo was found face down on the bathroom floor with no visible signs of gunshot wounds or other injuries. The cause of death was initially reported as cardiac arrest, but later changed to unknown pending further investigation. The toxicology report has not been released yet, so it is unclear whether drugs played a role in his death or not.

What is the Truth Behind Leo Rex’s Death?

The truth behind Leo Rex’s death remains a mystery as of now. There are many theories and speculations floating around on Reddit and other platforms, but none of them have been confirmed or disproved by any reliable sources. The investigation is still ongoing and hopefully more information will be revealed soon.

Leo Rex was a controversial figure who had many fans and critics alike. He was passionate about fitness, health, and longevity, but he also experimented with risky and unconventional methods to achieve his goals. He had a troubled and turbulent life, but he also inspired and influenced many people with his knowledge and charisma. He will be remembered by many as a pioneer and a legend in the fitness industry.

Rest in peace, Leo Rex. You will be missed.

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