Lane Fernandez Dead Cause of Death: What We Know So Far

Lane Fernandez, a former star of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, passed away at the age of 28, just three weeks after the birth of his son Nolyn with his wife Kylee Rose Fernandez. His death was confirmed by his wife on Facebook, who expressed her grief and love for him. The cause of death is currently unknown and under investigation.

Who was Lane Fernandez?

Lane Fernandez appeared on seasons 2 and 3 of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, a reality show that follows the lives of young mothers and their partners. He was the ex-boyfriend of Malorie Beaver, one of the main cast members, and the father of their daughter Emerson, who is now 3 years old.

Lane and Malorie had a tumultuous relationship and often struggled with co-parenting their daughter. They broke up in 2020 and Lane moved on with Kylee, whom he married in 2021. They welcomed their son Nolyn on May 22, 2022.

Lane was described by his wife as an amazing father, dog dad, and husband. He also loved music and played guitar. He posted a video of him singing a song dedicated to his son on Facebook shortly before his death.

How did Lane Fernandez die?

The details of Lane’s death are still unclear and pending an autopsy and an investigation. His wife Kylee did not reveal any information about how he died, only that he was gone too soon.

Some fans have speculated that Lane may have died from a drug overdose, as he had a history of substance abuse and addiction. He had been arrested several times for drug-related charges, such as possession of heroin and methamphetamine. He also admitted on the show that he had relapsed after being sober for a while.

However, there is no official confirmation or evidence to support this theory. It is possible that Lane died from natural causes, an accident, or something else entirely.

How did the Teen Mom community react to Lane Fernandez’s death?

Lane’s death shocked and saddened many fans and fellow cast members of Teen Mom. His ex-girlfriend Malorie and her sister Rachel Beaver both paid tribute to him on social media, sharing photos and videos of him with his daughter Emerson. They expressed their condolences to his wife and son, and said that they would always remember him as a happy father who tried his best to overcome his demons.

Other Teen Mom stars also offered their sympathy and support to Lane’s family. Brianna Jaramillo, who also appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, commented on Kylee’s post, saying “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Kayla Sessler, another cast member, wrote “Praying for you guys” on Rachel’s post.

Many fans also commented on Lane’s posts and photos, sending their love and prayers to his loved ones. Some fans also shared their own stories of losing someone to addiction or suicide, and encouraged others to seek help if they are struggling.

What’s next for Lane Fernandez’s family?

Lane’s death has left a huge void in the lives of his wife, children, and other family members. His wife Kylee has been posting updates on Facebook, thanking everyone for their support and donations. She also said that she is trying to stay strong for her son Nolyn, who looks just like his father.

Lane’s daughter Emerson is too young to fully understand what happened to her dad, but she will always have his memory in her heart. Malorie said that she will make sure that Emerson knows how much her dad loved her.

Lane’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral expenses and other costs. They have raised over $10,000 so far from more than 200 donors. They have also asked for privacy and respect during this difficult time.

Lane Fernandez dead cause of death is a tragic loss for the Teen Mom community and everyone who knew him. He will be missed by many people who loved him and cared for him. May he rest in peace.

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