Lane Fernandez Cause of Death: What We Know So Far

Lane Fernandez, a former star of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, passed away on June 13, 2022, at the age of 28. His death was announced by his wife, Kylee Rose Fernandez, on Facebook. The couple had welcomed their first child together, a son named Nolyn, just three weeks before Lane’s death. Lane also had a daughter, Emerson, 3, with his ex-girlfriend Malorie Beaver, who also appeared on Teen Mom.

Lane’s cause of death is currently unknown and under investigation. His sudden and tragic passing has left his family, friends, and fans in shock and grief. Many have paid tribute to him on social media, remembering him as a loving father and husband who tried to overcome his personal struggles.

Lane’s Relationship with Malorie Beaver

Lane rose to fame as the boyfriend of Malorie Beaver on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. The show documented their pregnancy journey and the birth of their daughter, Emerson, in 2019. The couple tried to work on their relationship, but they eventually broke up and had a tumultuous co-parenting situation.

In July 2021, Lane and Kylee posted a birthday tribute to Emerson on social media, which angered Malorie. She claimed that Lane had not seen Emerson in months and accused him of being a deadbeat dad. This sparked a feud between the two parties, which reportedly led to Lane and Kylee trying to file for custody of Emerson.

However, after Lane’s death, Malorie shared a video of him with Emerson on her Instagram story. She wrote that she wanted him to be remembered as “a happy father and a guy who tried his hardest to overcome all the demons he faced.” She also expressed her condolences to Kylee and Nolyn.

Lane’s Marriage with Kylee Rose Fernandez

Lane found love again with Kylee Rose Fernandez, whom he married in 2021. The couple announced their pregnancy in December 2021 and welcomed their son, Nolyn, on May 22, 2022. Kylee often posted photos of their happy family on Facebook, showing their excitement for their new addition.

Kylee was the one who broke the news of Lane’s death on Facebook on June 13, 2022. She wrote a heartfelt message to her late husband, saying that she was “lost without him” and that he was an “amazing father, dog dad, and husband.” She also said that he was her “rock” and her “best friend.” She added that Nolyn, Emerson, and she loved him very much.

Kylee also thanked everyone who reached out to her and offered their support during this difficult time. She asked for privacy and respect as she grieved for her husband.

Lane’s Legacy as a Teen Mom Star

Lane was one of the memorable cast members of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. He showed his journey as a young father who faced many challenges and tried to do his best for his children. He also had a loyal fan base who followed his life updates on social media.

Lane’s death has shocked and saddened many people who knew him or watched him on TV. His co-stars from Teen Mom also expressed their sympathy and sorrow for his loss. Rachel Beaver, Malorie’s sister who also appeared on the show, posted a photo of Lane and Emerson in a pool on Instagram. She wrote that she couldn’t “begin to express the pain” she felt right now and that Lane was “gone too soon.”

Lane’s death is a tragic reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with our loved ones. He will be missed by many who admired his courage and compassion.

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