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Remembering Landon “Waldy” Raber: A Heartbreaking Tragedy in Buckingham County

The tight-knit community of Buckingham County, Virginia, mourns the loss of a beloved child. Landon “Waldy” Raber, a six-year-old boy with Autism and Down Syndrome, left us too soon. His disappearance and subsequent discovery have left family, friends, and neighbors grappling with grief and unanswered questions.

The Search for Waldy

On Sunday night, July 10, 2022, Landon Raber was reported missing by his parents. The non-verbal boy had last been seen near 4650 New Stone Road in Buckingham County around 8 p.m. A massive search party, including all Buckingham County volunteer fire departments, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Search and Rescue, and Virginia State Police, scoured the area overnight. The tight-knit community also rallied together to assist in the search.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

In the early hours of Monday, July 11, 2022, the body of Landon Raber was found by Virginia State Police in a pond on the property where he was last seen. It is believed that the missing boy died after drowning in the pond.

Legacy of Community Support

While the outcome was not what anyone hoped for, the Buckingham County Department of Emergency Services expressed gratitude to the community for their assistance. Without their eager participation, the search would have been much more challenging. The sudden passing of Landon Raber has shocked the close-knit community, but their unity and support continue to shine brightly.


As we remember Landon “Waldy” Raber, we honor the child who touched so many hearts. His legacy serves as a reminder of the strength and compassion within Buckingham County. Rest in peace, Waldy — your memory lives on.

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